Thursday, May 13, 2021


He runs in high society circles…and he’s running circles around her heart.

In retrospect, it was all Gran’s fault.

Logan Montgomery has found his niche as an assistant district attorney. But Gran just revealed some worrying intel—dear old dad and his political cronies are about to maneuver him into running for mayor.

But Gran has a plan. A pre-emptive strike involving a pretty blonde caterer with supple curves—and a family history literally dripping with scandal. There’s just one flaw in his grandmother's scheme: Logan’s not a player. And there’s delicious spark of attraction that makes him want to try for something special with Catherine Luck.

It’s a mystery to Catherine why Logan, who sits at the very top of the social ladder, would even look twice at someone like her. Maybe he has a thing for disgraced, overworked caterers. But his gentle concern, delivered in that velvety chocolate voice, can’t be real and Cat knows better than to mix business with pleasure.

Raw desire and genuine affection unexpectedly tip them into forbidden territory—love. Until Catherine gets a stark reminder that the Montgomerys never do anything without an ulterior motive.

Which means Catherine’s luck in love is about to run out…

Re-Issue Date: May 11, 2021

Simply series #2

CP Publishing

Carly Classics

Contemporary Romance

(Originally published by Harlequin Temptations)

Liza's Review:

Simply Scandalous is another winner from Carly Phillips. Logan Montgomery and Catherine Luck were brought up in two very different worlds. Logan comes from a very affluent family, while Catherine's family struggled to make ends meet every single month. Yet Logan's grandmother Emma is absolutely convinced they are perfect for one another and has a plan to make it happen.

I had mad love for this much that I literally read it in one sitting. I love how Logan knows how he wants to live his life and makes no bones about it to his father the judge, even while the judge ignores pretty much everything he says. Catherine is such a smart, sexy, and feisty woman. She is hard working and not afraid to go after what she wants in life. Logan and Catherine together gave me all the happy feels and their chemistry was off the charts hot. I had mad love for their story!

While I loved Logan and Catherine so much as individuals and as a couple, I have to say Logan's grandmother Emma might just be my favorite character in the book. She had me laughing out loud at her antics and I could absolutely feel how much she loved her grandchildren and had their best interest at heart. 

Simply Scandalous is a fast-paced story that pulled me in from the very first page. It was filled with love, laughter, and even a few tears, and was a fabulous story from start to finish. I highly recommend this story to fans of contemporary romances.

Rating: 5 Stars (A)

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