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Run for the hills—temporarily. That’s Colbie Albright’s plan when she flees New York for San Francisco. Wrangling her crazy family by day and writing a bestselling YA fantasy series by night has taken its toll. In short, Colbie’s so over it that she’s under it. She’s also under the waters of a historic San Francisco fountain within an hour of arrival. Fortunately, the guy who fishes Colbie out has her looking forward to Christmas among strangers. But she’s pretty sure Spencer Baldwin won’t be a stranger for long. 

Make merry...

Spence’s commitment to hiding from the Ghosts of Relationships Past means he doesn’t have to worry about the powerful—okay, crazy hot—chemistry he’s got with Colbie. Just because she can laugh at anything, especially herself... just because she’s gorgeous and a great listener…just because she “gets” Spence immediately doesn’t mean he won’t be able to let Colbie go. Does it?

…and hope for a miracle.

Now the clock’s ticking for Colbie and Spence: Two weeks to cut loose. Two weeks to fall hard. Two weeks to figure out how to make this Christmas last a lifetime.

Release Date: September 26, 2017
Avon HarperCollins
Heartbreaker Bay #4
Contemporary Romance

Liza's Review:

Chasing Christmas Eve is my favorite book in the Heartbreaker Bay series to date. I'll admit I've wanted Spence to get his book since I read the very first book in the series. Jill Shalvis once again pulled me into the story and made me fall in love with her characters.

Colbie Albright fits in perfectly with the entire crew in Heartbreaker Bay. She is eccentric like pretty much every other person who lives in or works near Spence's building. If Colbie was thinking she would get away from the crazy of her life by ending up in Heartbreaker Bay, she was sadly mistaken. I love how chaotic everything and everyone is in Heartbreaker Bay, and as much as Colbie said she wanted quiet, she seemed to enjoy the crazy that wasn't her family and dealing with her editor while away.

Spence and Colbie were so freaking cute together. Yes they had amazing chemistry and I loved they didn't seem to be able to keep their hands off each other, but I loved most they both enjoyed just being around the other. They both seemed to calm the other's mind down a bit in a good way. Colbie was able to focus on writing again and Spence was starting to get some answers with his drone problem.

I always find some much humor in a book by Jill Shalvis and Chasing Christmas Eve was no different. I'm pretty sure I had people at work looking at me funny for laughing out loud more than once at work while reading on my lunch break. Between Colbie eating Eddie's special brownies, Spence just being Spence, and all his friends being so very protective of him, I laughed my way through this wonderful Christmas romance.

Jill Shalvis once again delivers a winner with Chasing Christmas Eve. Not only did we finally get Spence's book, but his heroine was one who I loved every bit as much as Spence from the beginning. Add it the fact we got to spend time with pretty much everyone in the series at some point, and Chasing Christmas Eve is my new favorite Jill Shalvis book. I highly recommend this book and entire series to anyone who loves sexy, funny, and sweet romances.

Rating: 5 Stars (A)

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