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Falling In
Release Date: September 17, 2013
The Surrender Series #1
Contemporary Erotic Romance

The debut of an emotionally charged and highly erotic contemporary romance trilogy, in which love and trust are the most dangerous games of all…

With a dark past that would have shattered most people, Evelyn “Scout” Keats is doing what no one in her bleak world thinks possible—getting off the streets and leaving her impoverished life behind. She’s a new maid at the luxurious Patras Hotel, and aims to keep her job no matter what. But that doesn’t mean she’s going to sacrifice her dignity, or let anyone into her heart. The risk of losing either is just too great.

When hotel tycoon Lucian Patras discovers Evelyn in a compromising position, he uses everything at his disposal to seduce her—a proposition that both surprises and frightens her.

Ignorant to her true circumstances, Lucian relentlessly pursues Scout as a prize to be won. But he is soon given an unforgettable lesson in love and sacrifice when he learns how far Scout has gone to gain her independence and discovers that there are some things money can never buy.

Breaking Out
Release Date: November 19, 2013
The Surrender Series #2
Contemporary Erotic Romance

Second in the darkly compelling, sexually-charged contemporary romance trilogy, in which two men vie for the mind, body, and heart of a woman who may never give in to their wishes—or her own…

Evelyn “Scout” Keats has left behind her painful past of surviving on the streets, and is now living in the luxurious penthouse master suite of Hotel Patras with her lover, billionaire Lucian Patras. But what she doesn’t know is the price Lucien paid for her freedom.

To protect Scout’s life, Lucian cut a deal with a dangerous man from her past, Parker Hughes. He swore to stay away from her for thirty days, even though he knows Parker will be fighting to keep them apart for good and take Scout as his own.

Yet neither man realizes that Scout is not about to be used as a prize or a bargaining chip for any man’s power play—and she falls back on her hard-earned self-respect and courage to show both men that the only person she truly needs is herself.

But Lucien has other plans…

Coming Home
Release Date: January 21, 2014
The Surrender Series #3
Contemporary Erotic Romance

The conclusion of the savage, sensual Surrender trilogy in which betrayal, pain, and vengeance threaten to destroy a passion between two damaged souls…

Evelyn “Scout” Keats thought she finally found her long-sought happiness in billionaire Lucian Patras. But even though Lucian has always treated her like a queen, she has discovered she is nothing more than a pawn in his own secret game.

Worse, her long-time friend and supposed shining knight, Parker Hughes has also used her for his own interests by playing a part in Lucian’s game. Everyone’s honor is suspect, and no one can be trusted. It is Scout’s worst nightmare come to life.

As she struggles to comprehend the cost of a broken heart and the value of love, she must choose, once and for all, how much her pride can endure—and how much she is willing to risk to be truly happy. 

Nikki’s Review of the Series:

I love the jaded billionaire and naive ingenue trope in romance novels. So, when I happened upon this new to me series I was immediately intrigued.

Evelyn Keats isn't just a naive ingenue. She isn't like any other heroine I've read. She's homeless. She was born addicted to heroin and has lived on the streets her whole life. She's not a drug user, but her mother is wasting away from an addiction that has left her riddled with disease, and limited mental capabilities. There were parts of Evelyn's circumstances that were difficult and heart wrenching to read. I believe that the author brought the realities of living on the streets to life. I could picture the struggles, I could almost feel the cold penetrating my bones, and I could vividly imagine the constant hunger pains. 

Lucian Patras is a God of the business world. He's a billionaire many times over. He wants for nothing, and no one ever tells him no. You can imagine his shock when he's knocked on his backside by the quiet and unassuming Evelyn Keats. Evelyn has managed to find a job in one of Lucian's hotels as a maid. She's determined to claw her way out of poverty and despair. She knows that agreeing to Lucian's proposition isn't a great idea, but she does it anyway. 

Evelyn has another strike against her already difficult situation...she can't read. This really hurt my heart. There's a scene where she's trying to locate the kitchen in the hotel by following signs. She can't read the signs. Her sadness and frustration pulled at me. I can't imagine not being able to find my way because I couldn't read the signs/instructions. She's terrified of losing her job, which would only make her dream of having an apartment and food to call her own, seem much further away.

Throughout the series there are constant struggles for these two to find their footing. What starts as an agreement for simple companionship and sex, turns into an emotionally charged love affair. There are people who want them to fail. These people continue to use whatever ammunition they can dig up to pull Evelyn and Lucian apart. Ultimately, they find their way back to each other every time. But the struggle is real!

I love how Lucian's character evolves over the three books. He forever remains a broody alpha male. But he softens a little, bit by bit. His vulnerability really starts to show when he's faced with losing the woman who has come to mean more than anything to him. There are so many layers to Lucian's personality. He's tough as nails in one scene, and as gentle as a kitten in another. 

Evelyn's character also grows and strengthens throughout the series. She's pretty spineless in the beginning, at least she is with Lucian. On the streets, she's a survivor. I loved seeing her take her life into her own hands. She was determined to be happy, and to have a home. She wanted a life that she could be proud of. She didn't want to ever become her mother. 

I found myself getting choked up numerous times. The emotions in this series were palpable. I could feel some of the anguish sitting heavily on my chest. That is great writing. The author was able to draw out so many feelings from me. I hated and loved characters, I hurt for some of them, and at times, I was elated for them! 

Lucian and Evelyn do find their way, but holy hell, it wasn't easy. This series is heavy. It was often sad. But the journey was beautiful in its own way. Getting to their HEA took guts and perseverance, and it was almost a privilege to witness it all. 

The one negative thing I have to say about this book is the writing in the very first chapter. When I was reading it I wasn't sure if I could get beyond that first chapter. The flowery descriptions the author uses were over the top and ridiculous. But once you hit chapter two it has a completely different feel! It's completely different writing in my opinion. I was happy that I gave the book/author the benefit of the doubt and pushed on. 

This series needs to be read in order. And since all of the books are available, you can totally binge on I did! 

Series Rating: 4 Stars (A)

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