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Best friends. High school sweethearts. Passionate lovers. Once upon a time, Sarah Bartow and Calvin Vaughn were everything to each other. Until big dreams—and an even bigger tragedy—tore them apart. 

Ten years after good-bye, they're finally together again at Summer Lake in the Adirondacks...and the sparks between them are hotter than ever. Soon one kiss is turning into so much more. Not only breathtaking, sizzling lovemaking—but also deep, honest emotions that can't be denied.

Calvin refuses to let the ambitions and disasters that separated them a decade ago wreck them this time. Not when he knows for sure that Sarah is his one—his only—true love. He let her get away once. He won't make the same mistake again. Even if it means risking his entire heart, and every last piece of his soul, to show her they belong together. Now...and forever. 

NOTE: "The Best Is Yet To Come" was previously published as "Home Sweet Home" under a pen name. This new edition has been extensively revised and rewritten.

Release Date: May 10, 2017
Contemporary Romance
Summer Lake #1
Oak Press, LLC
Review copy provided by publisher

Liza's review:

The Best Is Yet To Come is a spin-off of Bella Andre's popular Sullivan series. I love the idea of getting to spend more time at Summer Lake and especially seeing the residents get their own stories. I love a reunion love story. Honestly it is one of my favorite troupes. Calvin and Sarah have a bit more of a struggle with their reunion story thanks to their past, but I still enjoyed watching the work through their issues to find one another again.

I absolutely loved that pretty much when Calvin and Sarah saw each other again after 10 years, they started dealing with the issues from their past. I felt like once they opened up communication to the past it helped them be able to talk about a possible future. I do think it took them both longer than it should have to let go of the past. In my opinion if you keep bringing the past up, you really haven't completely let it go, and they both brought it up with the disclaimer they had let it go way too many times.

I loved that Calvin and Sarah's chemistry and connection remained after so many years apart. There was both a sweetness and sexiness about them being together. I loved that even as they both struggled to live in the present they each got the other completely. I also loved they could look back with adult eyes to see things from the past differently to make things work in the present. 

Bella Andre gives her readers a sweet and sexy story with The Best Is Yet To Come. I really enjoyed this latest visit to Summer Lake and look forward to many more visits with the residents. I'm already hoping for a few stories just based upon the friends and residents we met in The Best Is Yet To Come.

Rating: 4 Stars (B)

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