Saturday, August 02, 2014

You Own Me

It had always been her… 

Ten years had passed since the doors slammed shut behind Decker Calhoun, taking away his freedom, but more importantly, locking him away from Elizabeth Waters, the only woman he’d ever loved—the woman he’d given up everything for. 

The day he was sentenced, he’d looked at her and said, No regrets, Lizzie. But he lied, because he did have one. Although he’s been out of jail for three years now, he was a year too late. Lizzie never knew how he felt and just months before he was released, she found somebody else and it’s too late. 

Or maybe not. It seems that Lizzie’s boyfriend wants an open relationship and two can play at that game. Now all Decker has to do is convince Lizzie that he’s the better man…and has been all along.

Aug 4, 2014

I am a huge fan of Shiloh Walker. Her characters draw me in from the very first page. I was lucky enough to get a review copy from the author of You Own Me with the promise of an honest review.

You Own Me is a novella length story, so it moves pretty fast. I really loved both Lizzie and Decker and could tell they were attracted to one another from the very beginning. While we knew the characters had a history, I loved how Ms. Walker made us wait a bit to get the whole story. 

I personally thought Lizzie's boyfriend Noel was a total tool and loved that Lizzie and Decker's friend Selah was doing everything in her power to get them together. I think the history Lizzie and Decker shared only made them a better couple and I loved watching them finally admitting their feelings for one another.

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