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Phantom Promise Spotlight

Phantom Promise is the newest release in the Phantom from Julie Leto. Phantom Promise was released on July 30, 2014. From the back cover.~


In the fourth book in the Phantom series, a powerful love begins with a promise...

When a Gypsy curse transformed Paxton Forsyth from man to phantom, he vowed revenge. But upon awakening from a centuries-long slumber, he finds himself confined within a chateau in war-torn France. He has one shot at freedom, if he can seduce the enchanting woman who's ventured into his lair.

But Jeannette Rousseau is no easy target. Though orphaned and alone, she's promised her heart to an enemy spy. Only by calling on the magic does Paxton entice her...and once their tryst is exposed, they become pitted between the consequences of a forbidden love and the forces plotting to take over the world.

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Exclusive Excerpt:

            “I don’t understand,” she confessed.  “Am I dreaming?”
            He gave her a short, gallant bow.  “You are not, mademoiselle.”
            His reply was confident and reassuring, giving her permission to enjoy the way he lifted her hand to his lips and pressed a chaste kiss across her knuckles.  The sensation was electric, as if lightning had hit the ground and traveled through the earth to spire up her bones.
Suddenly, the night, chilly and sharp with impending snowfall, warmed.
“You are English, but not a pilot.  A soldier, then?  A spy?”
His grin was part indulgent and part…predatory.  Jeannette knew the look.  It was one she saw often when she went into the village to trade the eggs and cheese from her farm for the vegetables she had little luck in growing on her own.  It was the expression she hadn’t ever seen in Rolf, not even tonight.
It was desire—tightly controlled but unmistakable.
As if he was unaware of his actions, Paxton drew tight, tiny circles on the top of her hand with his thumb.  The contact was at once unnerving and deliciously intimate.
“A scholar, truth be told.  I was born in London,” he explained.  “I was educated at Eton and, subsequently, at the King’s College at Cambridge.  Except for an unwelcome assignment with my father in a craggy German countryside, I’m as British as one can be.”
Fear skittered at the base of her skull.  “But you’ve been to Germany?”
“Many, many years ago,” he answered quickly, though something in his tone told her there was more to the story.
“Then why are you in France?  You have to know that for anyone with German ties, or British ones, this is the most dangerous place for you to be besides London itself.”
            His brow drew down tightly over his eyes, which, she noted, even in the darkness, were a sharp, cerulean blue.  He stopped the assault of his thumb on her hand, but he did not let her go.
            “Why is London dangerous?”
            She rolled her eyes.  How could he not know news that had spread around the world?
            “German bombs.  Blitzkrieg, Rolf said they call it.  They’re shelling London every night.”
            He dropped her hand.  When he turned toward the slatted light from the windows, his face was a mask of confusion.
            “How long have you been here?” she asked.
            “Too long.”
“Maybe it’s time for you to go.”
He chuckled mirthlessly.  “Mademoiselle, believe me, I would if I could.”

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