Sunday, August 25, 2013

Slow Summer Burn

Slow Summer Burn is the 4th and final book in the Star Harbor series from Elisabeth Barrett. The publisher is Loveswept and the release date was August 12, 2013. From the back cover.~

As the sizzling Star Harbor series concludes, the fourth sexy Grayson brother, a dedicated DEA agent, shows a high-society beauty the true meaning of love.

Cameron Stahl has everything, so why does she feel like her life is incomplete? A beautiful Boston socialite and a successful entrepreneur, she’s just opened her second boutique in Star Harbor and business is booming. But one searing look from Val Grayson sends fire through her body and shows her exactly what’s missing from her life: a real man who doesn’t play games and who makes her feel like the most desired woman on earth.

DEA agent Val Grayson has always looked after his brothers. Now it’s his turn to find love—though Cam is the last sort of woman he ever dreamed he’d fall for. When courageous Cam realizes she has the insider connections to help Val take down a major drug player within Boston’s political elite, he can’t stop her from putting herself in danger. But as the drug bust of his career looms, all Val cares about is saving the woman he loves before it’s too late.

I have to say those Grayson brothers just get better with each book. Just when I've picked my favorite, we get the next brother's story. Truthfully, I've wanted Val's story for a very long time and totally think he was more than worth the wait.

I totally understand Val and his need to make sure everything is great with the brothers he helped raise after their parents passed away. I was so happy to see him finally take some time for himself and couldn't have picked a better heroine than Cam. She is just as strong as Val, as well as strong-willed. Even coming from completely different backgrounds, I knew they were perfect for one another the very first time they touched. I loved how connected they were from the very beginning, and the chemistry between them was totally off the charts. Cam and Val have some of the sexiest love scenes I've read in this series, and that says something as all the Grayson brothers are sexy.

The drug-ring arc has been a part of the entire series and I have to say Ms. Barrett was masterful in how she kept the leader a secret until the end. I had my suspicions that differed from Val's and was happy to see I was right, but I really didn't feel like the clues were very obvious to point to a different ringleader.

I will miss more time with the Grayson brothers and the town of Star Harbor, but think the series was wrapped up well with Slow Summer Burn. I’m already looking forward to more books from Ms. Barrett in the future.

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