Saturday, July 27, 2013

A Simple Twist of Fate

A Simple Twist of Fate is the 2nd book in the Hanover Brothers series from HelenKay Dimon. I was lucky enough to get approved for a review copy from NetGalley thanks to the publisher. The publisher is InterMix (Penguin Group) and the release date was July 16, 2013. From the back cover.~

The Hanover brothers are doing their best to live down the legacy of their con artist father…but they still have a knack for getting in trouble where romance is concerned.

As the lawyer of the family, Beckett Hanover ought to be sorting through the many claims filed against their family estate—which the brothers have recently inherited from their grandmother. But something about the housekeeper, Sophie, keeps stealing his focus…

Little does he know, as he flirts, what else she intends to steal. The truth is Sophie took the job with one purpose in mind: to help her aunt. But she never expected to find a man like Beck or get sidetracked by the handsome hottie's sweet talk and broad shoulders. Between her secret and Beck’s past, the two are headed for one risky romance.

Let me just say how much I've loved the Hanover series to date. I loved Declan and Leah's story so much and was super excited to see Beck and Sophie would get their story next. I love Beck and Sophie together so much!!! They have the best chemistry together, yet also made me laugh.

Beck has his family's past as a stumbling block for their relationship; while Sophie has a secret that she thinks will end their relationship. I love that she eventually trust Beck enough to share her aunt's secret with him. Of course, Callen still doesn't trust Sophie and continues to give Beck a hard time about her secret, not knowing Sophie has told Beck the truth. We get to meet the brother's mom in this book and she is such a strong characters. She was dealt a crap hand from Charlie, but worked to be there for her sons, even when Charlie took Callen away from her.

Sophie is the one who messes up in a major way in my opinion. Even though I knew she did it by accident, she still screws up. Beck compounds the situation by not listening, but I think Sophie was at fault for the big fight. I will say that Beck proves himself to Sophie in a major way. There were 2 very big reveals in this book about the Hanovers. One I saw coming and one completely threw me for a loop. All I can say is I need Callen's book right now!

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