Tuesday, January 01, 2013

Release Me

Release Me is the 1st book in a new erotic series from J. Kenner. The publisher is Random House. From the back cover.~
He was the one man I couldn’t avoid. And the one man I couldn’t resist.

Damien Stark could have his way with any woman. He was sexy, confident, and commanding: Anything he wanted, he got. And what he wanted was me.

Our attraction was unmistakable, almost beyond control, but as much as I ached to be his, I feared the pressures of his demands. Submitting to Damien meant I had to bare the darkest truth about my past-and risk breaking us apart.
But Damien was haunted, too. And as our passion came to obsess us both, his secrets threatened to destroy him-and us-forever.
I was lucky enough to get an early copy of Release Me thanks to the publisher through NetGalley. I’ve read Kenner’s books for years and was excited to read her first erotic romance.
I really enjoyed Release Me. I liked both Nikki and Damien and enjoyed learning more about Nikki’s past. I knew going in this was a first book in a trilogy and loved the hotness factor between Nikki and Damien, but really wanted to know more about Damien’s past to understand his character more. I have to say his past being a mystery really kept me guessing as I was reading Release Me. I know there is something in his past that makes him need to have so much control, and I need to read more to find out what happened.  The billionaire and the young woman is a pretty big trend right now. I liked Kenner’s take on Nikki and Damien’s story. I’ve seen many comparisons to the 50 Shades books, but since I haven’t read those, I can’t say if they are similar. I can say I loved the passion between Damien and Nikki and can’t wait to read the next book in this series in July.
The official release date for Release Me is January 1, 2013 and can be purchased from your favorite bookstore or online retailer.

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