Friday, January 18, 2013

Beautiful Scars

Beautiful Scars is the newest ebook release from author Shiloh Walker. The publisher is Samhain Publishing, Ltd. and the official release date was January 15, 2013. From the author’s website. ~

Some scars cut right to the heart.

Three years after her divorce, Chaili Bennett is over her ex. Her only problem now? Of the few men she’s dated since, no one “gets” her. Not like Marc Archer—a man who’s never seen her as more than a friend.

Marc Archer needs a date for a last-minute charity event, and he needs it fast. Not that women aren’t throwing themselves at his world-famous face and body, but sometimes it’s less messy—as in less personal—to use his sister Shera’s escort service.

The last woman on earth Marc expects to see in his sister’s office is Chaili. There’s something different about her, but nothing pleases him more when Shera sets them up. That simple date quickly evolves into much more as they both discover the other fills a deep, secret need they’ve shared with no one else.

Though Chaili insists one night is all she wants, Marc isn’t walking away now. Not until he discovers what put the shadows in her eyes. And the scars on her soul.

Warning: This book involves soulful songs, soulful sex, a soulful singer and lots of heartbreak. But no worries, there’s a happy ever after.

I’m a huge fan of Shiloh Walker’s books. I love her voice whether in a romantic suspense, contemporary romance, or erotic romance. I have to say she totally delivered a moving and super sexy story with Beautiful Scars.

Let me just say I really loved Chaili and Marc both as individuals and as a couple. I’m a huge fan of the friends to lovers story and thought this one was done well. Chaili has loved Marc pretty much her entire life, but never thought he would ever see her as more than a friend. When she steps in to be his date, Marc suddenly sees her in a whole new light. After one night of incredible passion, Marc wants so much more, but Chaili claims that is all she wants. I have to say Marc is such a fun character for me. He doesn’t always think before he opens his mouth, so he tends to come off as an ass at times. When he messes up, he messes up in a big way. He also has one of the biggest hearts and loves in a big way too. Chaili has been burned in the past by her ex-husband and others and has scars both on her body and her heart. I loved how Marc wanted to take care of her in every way. I especially loved how protective he was of Chaili anytime her ex-husband was around.

Both Marc and Chaili enjoy some kink in their sex lives. Not to the point of a D/s relationship, but Marc does like to be in control in bed and Chaili is fine with being submissive to a point. I loved the sexual chemistry between Marc and Chaili. I thought Walker did a great job exploring the relationship between Marc and Chaili, while showing how each of their past were coloring the future. I do wish Chaili would have let March beat the crap out of her ex-husband at least once.

I absolutely loved Beautiful Scars. Shiloh Walker gives her readers an emotion filled sexy ride with this story. I look forward to more stories like this one from Walker in the future. For more information about this book and others from Shiloh Walker, check out her website.

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