Monday, September 12, 2011

Hunted by the Others

Hunted by the Others is the first book in the H & W Investigations series by Jess Haines. From the author’s website.~

They are the Others—the vampires, mages, and werewolves once thought to exist only in our imaginations. Now they’re stepping out of the shadows, and nothing in our world will ever be the same again…
In a Town Like This, Being A P.I. Can Be Murder 

Shiarra Waynest’s detective work was dangerous enough when her client base was strictly mortal. But ailing finances have forced her to accept a lucrative case that could save her firm—if it doesn’t kill her first. Shiarra has signed on to work for a high-level mage to recover an ancient artifact owned by one of New York’s most powerful vampires.
As soon as Shiarra meets sexy, mesmerizing vamp Alec Royce, she knows her assignment is even more complicated than she thought. With a clandestine anti-Other group trying to recruit her, and magi being eliminated, Shiarra needs back-up and enlists her ex-boyfriend—a werewolf whose non-furry form is disarmingly appealing—and a nerdy mage with surprising talents. But it may not be enough. In a city where the undead roam, magic rules, and even the Others aren’t always what they seem, Shiarra has just become the secret weapon in a battle between good and evil—whether she likes it or not…

I downloaded Hunted by the Others when it was free on Amazon back in January. I had seen many people talking about the series and moved it up in my ever-growing TBR pile when I was contacted about posting a review on my blog (I don’t know if it happens to anyone else, but I seem to lose books on my ever-growing TBR list of ebooks).

For me, Hunted by the Others moved a little slow at first. However, once it picked up, I was hooked and really enjoyed the story. I’m a pretty big fan of paranormal romances/urban fantasy books and I love the combo of vampires, magic and werewolves.

Shi and her best friend Sara run and own H&W Investigations. Unknown to Shia, Sara has been feeding her money into the business to keep it going. The contract Shia takes with The Circle could turn their business around and finally get them into the black. However, when an offers seems too good to be true, it probably is, especially when you aren’t given all the facts up front. Said contract brings Shia directly in contact with super powerful and sexy vamp Alec Royce, who has the item The Circle wants. Ws also meet The White Hats, who as a group are trying to rid the world of all supernaturals. Add in Shia’s ex-boyfriend Chaz, who didn’t let her know he was a werewolf until he shifted in her living room and Arnold, a super geeky mage, and we have our cast of main characters.

Now I have to admit, vampires are probably my favorite of the supernatural elements. Probably because they were the first group I read about when I first tried paranormal romances (thank you JR Ward). So, I really loved Alec Royce from the very beginning, and think there is so much more to his character than what we were shown in the first book. I seem to have a thing for the bad-boy vamps, or at least those vamps that seem like bad boys. ;) I have to say Jess builds a great cast of characters and I can honestly say I loved something about each of them, but Shia, Sara, and Royce are my favorites.

I love the action and felt the storyline was strong through the entire book. I was sent a copy of Taken by the Others, the 2nd book in the H&W series from the author and hope to get my post on it up soon. Also, thanks to Borders going out of business (makes me very sad, but I still bought tons of books), I was able to get a great deal on Deceived by the Others and add it to my ever growing TBR list. 

Jess is currently on deadline, but I will be hosting her on my blog later this year. 

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