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Envy Book Signing with JR Ward


Anyone who has stopped by my blog knows I love JR Ward’s books. I also really love going to see JR at her book signings. Haven’t missed but 1 (Covet) in the last 3-4 years. I went to the book signing with one person who had never read Ward and one person who is pretty new to Ward. This book signing took place in Cincinnati, Ohio at one of the B&N stores, and I wondered if Ward would censor herself any. That question was answered when she dropped the F-bomb within about 2 minutes of talking to the crowd…LOL. Now usually I go to the book signings with my cousins and one takes notes while I record the chat (audio only), but I was on my own with the note taking this time, but know I didn’t miss anything major. FYI, this post is full of spoilers about the Fallen Angel series. In fact, this was the first time I was at a Ward book signing without finishing the book and the first question is a spoiler. Read only if you don’t mind spoilers. 


Did Devina cheat with Eddie? She did not cheat this time.

Is there a return of Eddie? Hope yes.

Do you have authors or other inspiration for writing? Wrath was the first word out of her mouth. Then said no other authors inspire her. She is a writer and must write each and every day.

What will Mary & Rhage’s child be? A girl. Can’t you just see when she starts dating and Daddy’s dragon tries to eat her dates.

How many BDB books will you write? Will write as many books as her readers will continue to buy.
There will be an awesome new male introduced in Lover Reborn named “Asail” (not sure of spelling, but probably needs an “h” put in it somewhere).

Muhrder will get his own book (she has said this before at other book signings)

She has written Mary & Rhage’s novella, but still needs to write Beth & Wrath’s. Can’t finish until she finishes Tohr’s book. No date yet for the novellas to be published.

Is Wrath white or African American? 1st he isn’t a human, nor is he or any of the brothers pasty-ass white boys. They are tanned skinned, so not white or black (I picture Latin-American coloring based on her statement).

Will Butch & V ever be together? Who says they haven’t already been together and we don’t know about it (she even laughed and said this will show up on the internet).

She said it needs to be next after Tohr’s book. 2 things have to happen in Tohr’s book to set it up – Team Qhuay won’t be happy with one of the things that happens. Both must happen for their book to be ready. FYI, this is the first time she called it a book rather than a novella. Not sure if that means we get an actual book, but kind of makes me wonder…

Will we see more cross-over between BDB/Angel series? They will be in Caldwell from now on, so very possible to see cameos from each series.

What is dog? Answer to dog is in dog.

Zsadist is her favorite character.

Will Jim get a happy ending? Yes he will.

Score is tied 1-1 after Crave. How did Jim lose? He tried to help the wrong guy.

When will Nalla find out about Zsadist’s history and what will be her reaction? She will read about it. This will throw Z back into the world of the Mistress again. Will always worry about how Nalla sees him now. Also how any male she would mate with would see him. Never gave a total answer about Nalla’s reaction, but seemed like it wouldn’t be good.

Will Trez & iAm get their own books? Also asked about future threesomes. Yes they will get books. We have not met iAm’s mate yet. Would not comment on future threesomes. We will see more of Trez & iAm in future books.

Tohr’s new mate is No’ One. Very long book and will be broken up into 4 sections – Spring, Summer, Fall, Winter. Tohr is not ready for a new mate yet, so takes some time for him to be ready for a new mate. ***Will need lots of Kleenex for this book***

Lassiter will be seen a lot in Tohr’s book.

Payne & Manny’s book and Tohr’s book were happening at the same time. There was much overlapping in action that occurred, so Payne & Manny’s book focused mostly on them. Tohr’s book will have more focus on the brothers. Will see more of the brothers together in Tohr’s book. Tohr is the last original brother.

How did you pick a dragon for Rhage? When she first saw Rhage he took off his shirt & she saw the dragon tattoo moving on his back.

Devina & Adrian thing – She is a parasite and she is in Adrian. Must keep reading to find out if she get Adrian.

Will Layla ever have sex? (she actually dropped the microphone with this question) Yes and you won’t like who it is with (my guess is Qhuinn).

Who is next for Fallen Angel series? You will know at the end of Envy.

Will we see more of Scribe Virgin? Lash? We will see more of the Scribe Virgin. She hates Lash with a passion and he is such a shit. Answer to Lash was at the end of Lover Mine.

What would it take to have the BDB to move to movie/mini-series (HBO)? Has to be the right situation.  Her concern and focus will always be the books.

What will happen with Sissy? Jim will save her.

Brothers will start training again. Must have families return to Caldwell first.

Will we see more of the Sympaths in the future? Most likely will help with battle between Wrath & Xcore & his band of bastards.

Wrath will never get his eyesight back. (she has said this at many book signings)

Lassiter & the Brothers hate each other. Lassiter is a dick. However, we will see another side of Lassiter in Tohr’s book.

How did she pick Brother’s music? JR listens to rap & hip/hop.

Was questioned about Jane forgiving V so quickly in Lover Unleashed. Jane knew who/what V was when she decided to be with him. In fact, she was pretty defensive of Jane’s choice. Jane knew V was a Dom and had to accept him for who he is from the very beginning.

What is her favorite book? One she is currently writing.

Will we see Qhuinn’s brother again? Yes and she said the line “might be a Lessor” a couple of times.

No’One’s name will be revealed in Tohr’s book.

Asked if No’One is Throe’s sister? No answer given, but seemed like a yes based on body language.

What about the Omega? He has been very quiet in the books, but not quiet for what is going on. I’m guessing we will see more of him in Tohr’s book.

Tohr’s book will be at least 700 pages. She is about half way through it now.

Question about Qhuinn’s piercings. He took them out while he is working to redefine himself. Some piercings have not been taken out. Others will return once he leaves his unhappy place
Would we ever get a prequel for Darius? Most likely no since there is no happy ending.

Does Layla losing her virginity have anything to do with Qhuinn’s vision? Big no answer, but again I will guess yes based on body language.

I did my best to get all the major questions put out there for everyone. If anyone has any other questions, post in the comments and I'll see if I have any other notes. I was told by one of her entourage that they would be back in Radcliff for a book signing in the future. Loved going to B&N with friends, but missed seeing all my Radcliff friends at the signing.

Additional information from the signing


Bells said...

OMG this was such an awesome post! I love your posts after her signing and you did such a great job. Thank you again for always thinking about us other BDB fans! BDB4EVA!

A Buckeye Girl Reads said...

You did a great job with the notes & I don't think you missed anything! Am now a Ward fan for life.

Jen at Red Hot Books said...

Great post! I wish I liked more of her answers. Ward has got to know how much it will piss everyone off to have a Qhuinn and Layla pairing, even for the short term. Boo!!!

mslizalou said...

Thanks everyone! Really love her book signing, although I do drop the F-bomb more for a few days after I see JR.

Everyone cheered when she said we would get Qhuay next and everyone groaned when she said we wouldn't like who Layla lost her V-card to.

Ferishia said...

I Love you forever for doing this! Thank you! :)

Ladybelle said...

Thanks so much for sharing this info. Much appreciated!

JessyP said...

Thank you so much, i went to the signing in NY and wish there was a transcript of that too or all them really
Thanks :)

donnarb60 said...

Bless you! I live in Cleveland...soooo close!, but was too ill to make it! You've performed a great public service here!

Iceheart said...

Thank You so much. Excellent note taking.

KT Grant said...

Oh gag more ZZZayne?

700 pages? These BDB books keep getting longer and longer.

Be still my heart that Qhuay is now called a "book".

I'm so afraid Layla will lose her V-card to Qhuinn and get pregnant. O.o

Obscured Vixen said...

Awesome recap! Thanks for sharing :)

Kelly said...

OMG!!! had to fight back so many tears... can't wait....

Cassondra said...

Thanks soooo much for taking notes for those of us who will never get to see her since she doesn't do the west coast (that I know of). This is super! Thanks again!

BookaholicCat said...

I can't wait to read Lover Reborn.
Thank you for sharing.

Escape by Fiction said...

Great post! So much information, I can't wait for this to come out!!!

Good reading ~ Escape by Fiction

Julie said...

You always do such a great job with your recaps Liza! Thank you so much for sharing with us. :)

mslizalou said...

Glad to share as many details as I could get written down. Love going to her signings and Q&A sessions. I've been to so many, I can tell when she gives up answers we really aren't supposed to know yet.

As for Qhuay's book, I'm guessing it might be book length rather than a novella because she said it was time for them. I could be wrong and it really could still be novella length(which she said would still be at least 100K words). I'm hoping we also get world building in their story too.

orannia said...

Thank you so much Liza!

Can’t you just see when she starts dating and Daddy’s dragon tries to eat her dates.


Eva said...

Thank you for sharing this.
Yay for Qhuay getting a book not just novella. Hopefully.
As for Layla. I'm a horrible person for typing this but,
she can go into her needing, Qhuinn can be the one who "helps" her through it, she get pregnant, dies in childbirth, we get Qhuay HEA and baby daddies, and never again have to hear or read another verily ever again.
the end

G.R. Roots said...

A BIG thank you from Brazil!
We here luvs the BDB series, but have no way to get there and listen to the spoilers/news at the scene.
I use to translate and post some posts of your, and ALWAYS give your link.

Once more, thanks!!

Earthangel5646 said...

When does Assail get his own book ????

Earthangel5646 said...

Will Saxon end-up w/ bitty's uncle .