Saturday, May 07, 2011

Running Update

So I've been back on the No Boundaries training for a couple of weeks. I had no trouble at all the first week, but had a good bit of leg cramping the second week. I ended up having to get new shoes as well as inserts. Was also given some exercises to do about 10-15 minutes before I run to help loosen up my calf muscles. Looks like I might have some scar tissue built up in my muscles, so I have to do the stretches each day to help my muscles recover. Also was suggested I either get the foam roller or "stick" to help break up the knots in my muscles.

I've enjoyed getting started back with my running. I'll keep up with the interval training through the July 4th 5K race. I'm hoping to get to the point of running the entire race rather than having to walk a portion of it. I'm not even close to doing that at this point, but I have it as a goal for one of the 5K races I'll run this year.

I know I got new followers from the Easter Blog Hop and I want to promise you I will start updating my blog more often. I'll post an update each week about my training and focus the rest of the post on books I've read. Things have gotten away from me lately, but I'm working on post for the week today.

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Paige Prince said...

I'm proud of you for getting back to running! I'm thinking of trying to start... At least jogging, anyway. :)