Tuesday, September 13, 2016


He’s silent—but his touch speaks louder than words.

At first sight, Savannah is drawn to the harsh appeal of a man who refuses to talk to her. Keenan’s hard stare is arrogant and unapologetic. The quirk of his sensuous lips is cocky and in control.

But there’s more. There’s something deeper he’s trying to hide behind those steely grey eyes—a slight hint of vulnerability which captures her intrigue.

She’d been warned, told that his silence hides a myriad of lies capable of affecting her career and relationships with loved ones. Only she can't help herself. Testing Keenan's defenses is an addiction she can't deny.

Falling in lust is easy. Learning his secrets comes with a price. The cost? Her broken heart.

Release date: September 12, 2016
Contemporary Romance
Review copy provided by the publisher

Nikki’s Review:

Wow! How did she do it? I admit that I was nervous about how, Eden Summers was going to pull this one off. I love Eden's books...like really love them! Her heroes are always my favourite part. Their banter and witty comebacks are legendary in my opinion. But a hero who isn't capable of speech? I wasn't convinced that she could do it. Man, I was seriously wrong!

Keenan isn't capable of talking, but that doesn't make him less attractive and desirable to, Savannah. She's in town on business and he works for the rival company, though she isn't sure in what capacity. These two had chemistry in spades. It was intoxicating. Every encounter left me hungry for more.

There are secrets that Keenan is keeping from her. They keep stumbling on all sorts of misunderstandings and half truths. But what never shakes is their draw to each other. The need to be together.

I was worried that I wouldn't have a true sense of what the hero was all about. I didn't think I'd get the emotion that I crave from a love story; he couldn't talk and I wanted those words. He didn't need them. I was never left wondering what was going through his mind or his heart. Ms. Summer's was able to perfectly communicate, Keenan's emotions. The way she described his eyes, the tilt of his lips, the tensing of his jaw. It was all there, wide open to see. I'm completely blown away by how much I got to know, Keenan...all without his words. This author is talented. That may be too simple a word to use. She amazes me with each new release.

The emotion in this book is palpable. I could feel it on my chest the whole way through. I wanted Savannah to be happy; I wanted Keenan to trust her with his carefully guarded secrets. Oy! This book has it all! Hot sexy times that left my mouth dry, the humour that I've come to expect from Ms. Summer's, and a love story that's so beautiful and perfectly flawed. 

All of the issues that Savannah and Keenan struggled with, could have been prevented by open and honest communication. But I think they needed to travel through the trenches. They needed to break through all of the walls, and strip each other down to the bone in order to find a safe place to land. I think it made their relationship stronger. I think, in the end, it made their bond unbreakable.

Bravo, Eden! I'm pretty sure that I'll never doubt this authors ability to pull off a complicated storyline ever again. Shame on me for thinking that it might not work. Because it didn't just work, it was magnificent. 

Rating: 4 Stars (A)

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