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Release Date: August 13, 2015
Pandora's Playground #1
Alyn Publishing
Review copy provided by publisher

Muriel Stewart has spent the past year grieving the loss of her husband. Now that time has passed, her inner submissive demands Muriel find a new relationship to fulfill her need to love and serve. But there’s only one man who makes Muriel yearn for the intimate Dom/submissive connection the way her husband did, and that’s his best friend, Mathew Galindo … a man who can barely tolerate being in her presence.

Mathew Galindo buried his own heart and needs the day Muriel Stewart married his best friend and business partner. He’s spent the last eleven years keeping Muriel at a distance, tortured by his love for a woman he could never have, and filled with shame for coveting what wasn’t and would never be his. Not even his best friend’s unexpected death could change that fact. Until Muriel decides she’s ready for a new Dom and she wants Mathew to fill that role.

Having Muriel in his life is all Mathew has ever wanted. She’s his heaven and his hell, and could be his salvation if he can get beyond his past, his shame, and the guilt he feels for not having saved Ian’s life. 

Originally posted August 2015. Nikki and I loved this book so much, we wanted to share the love with 10 lucky winners. The first 10 people to comment, with an email address, will win a kindle copy of Coveted. Nikki and I are both such huge fans of Alannah Lynne, we want to help other readers discover her books as well. Deadline to comment to win is Monday, May 9, 2016.

***Original Post***

Once again both Nikki and I wanted to review a new release, so we both read Coveted and below you will get both our thoughts on the book. FYI, we are both huge fans of Alannah Lynne and never miss one of her books.

Liza’s Review:

I've been a fan of Alannah Lynne since I found her very first book. I was super excited to find out she had a new series coming out and really enjoyed the first installment in the Pandora's Playground series.

Coveted it one of the best books I've read from Alannah Lynne. I totally connected with both Muriel and Mathew. I could feel how much Mathew loved and wanted to be with Muriel from the very beginning of the story. I also would feel Muriel's pain from still missing Ian, yet needing to let her submissive connect to a new Dom. I loved how strong Muriel was when it came to proving both that she was ready and that Mathew was the Dom for her.

Mathew has so much guilt over being in love with his best friend's wife, that he really does almost throw the chance that Muriel is giving him away. I loved that Ian has messages for both Mathew and Muriel from the grave thanks to remembered conversations. I also loved that Lucas, who is the 3rd partner in Pandora's Playground, sees and helps push Muriel and Mathew together.

Alannah Lynne has always written emotionally connected love scenes in her books, but with Coveted, the heat level has gone up about a thousand degrees and I loved it. Lucas, Mathew and Muriel have one of the sexiest and most emotion filled menages, and the play between Mathew and Muriel was so hot whether they were giving massages or actually making love. I love when I feel the connection so much that it brings me to tears, and I had that connection to Mathew and Muriel.

I really enjoyed the first installment into Pandora's Playground and can't wait to visit the Playground again in the future. I'm especially looking forward to Lucas getting his story and will probably bug Alannah Lynne excessively until we get it.

Nikki’s Review:

When you read a book that just wrecks you, but you know that pain is part of the journey, consider yourself privileged. Baring witness to someone's growth through their grief is like being on an emotional tail spin. I felt incredibly lucky to sit back and "watch" these characters find life and love after suffering an unimaginable loss.

Muriel has lost the love of her life and her Master; the person who completed her, loved her, and made her his whole world. How do you move on from something so utterly consuming as a love like that? She's lucky, she has an incredible support system in her late husband, Ian's best friends, Lucas and Mathew. Though Mathew typically supports her from afar. Muriel has always felt drawn to Mathew and saddened that he can't seem to stand her. Nothing could be further from the truth; Mathew has coveted his best friends wife from the very beginning. It's been a matter of self preservation that he's kept his distance. After some conspiring on Lucas' part, the two are thrust together and life will never be the same.

From the very first page of this book, my heart ached for Muriel. It ached for them all actually. Watching her build up the nerve to walk into Pandoras Playground, a place that use to bring her such joy, was humbling. I mentally whooped in my head when she squared her shoulders and walked through the door! Muriel is such a brave and strong heroine. She's been shattered by her husbands death, but she's not ready to give up on life and love. I was enamoured with her growth through this book. She goes from a woman who has lost herself in sadness, to a woman who decides to take love...and Mathew, by the balls!

I found myself getting swept up into Mathew's turmoil and anguish. I fell kinda hard for him. I wanted to soothe his soul and help him battle his way through the murky waters of grief and heartache. But he had to figure this stuff out for himself. He doesn't feel like he has anything to offer Muriel, though he couldn't be more wrong! His past has muddied his feeling on his self worth. But with Muriel's determination and complete and utter devotion, he starts to pave the life he's always wanted and more importantly, deserved. I had more than a few lumps in my throat through his journey. My heart skipped a beat each time a puzzle piece fit together for him. He's so complex but at the same time he's not that hard to figure out. If you looked deep enough, you could see his heart on his sleeve...much to his horror! I was so immensely proud of the way Muriel tackled his issues and pushed past his walls of doubt. She may be the submissive in the relationship, but she's so steadfast and strong. She protected Mathew's heart through this whole process.

When these two finally get all sweaty together...holy hell, it was off the freakin charts! Mathew is all Dom and super delicious! I actually giggled like a school girl while reading a few of the love scenes. One thing I wish that Ms. Lynne would have included was the threesome that Muriel had always fantasized about. Seriously, I know Mathew is all caveman and snarly, but a ménage with Lucas, Muriel and himself, would have made my heart bottom out! But I know I'll get to see Lucas in all his naked glory in the next book!

It truly was a beautiful thing to watch Muriel get her second chance at a love so perfect and unbreakable. I have read everything that Alannah Lynne has published. Coveted, in my opinion, is her best yet! Though, you should read all her stuff because she is just that good!


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