Friday, August 08, 2014

Magic Breaks (Kate Daniels #7)

No matter how much the paranormal politics of Atlanta change, one thing always remains the same: if there’s trouble, Kate Daniels will be in the middle of it…

As the mate of the Beast Lord, Curran, former mercenary Kate Daniels has more responsibilities than it seems possible to juggle. Not only is she still struggling to keep her investigative business afloat, she must now deal with the affairs of the pack, including preparing her people for attack from Roland, a cruel ancient being with god-like powers. Since Kate’s connection to Roland has come out into the open, no one is safe—especially those closest to Kate.

As Roland’s long shadow looms ever nearer, Kate is called to attend the Conclave, a gathering of the leaders from the various supernatural factions in Atlanta. When one of the Masters of the Dead is found murdered there, apparently at the hands of a shapeshifter, Kate is given only twenty-four hours to hunt down the killer. And this time, if she fails, she’ll find herself embroiled in a war which could destroy everything she holds dear…

**Includes the bonus Kate Daniels story Magic Tests** 

Release Date July 29, 2014
Penguin Group

I was lucky enough to be given a review copy from the publisher through NetGalley. I can't thank my friend Jen at That's What I'm Talking About enough for introducing me to this series. I've read the entire series since April, and now will be like all the other Kate Daniels fans waiting for the next book.

So Jen and I read Magic Breaks at the same time, though she was able to finish way before me. I knew this could be a tough read based upon rumors I'd read before read, text I'd get from Jen while reading, and my reaction as I read. I'll be totally honest and say I felt like the first 30% of the book moved really slowly. In fact it was almost a struggle to get through that section of the book. However, once I cleared the 30% mark, I couldn't read fast enough.

I still love Kate as much as ever. Didn't really feel like we got enough time with Kate and Curran, but I loved the time we did get with them together. Big changes occur in this book for the world that has been built. I don't really want to give away any spoilers, so I'll just say I personally love where the world is going. Without giving away too much, I can say I loved getting to spend time with my favorite shifters, and even have respect for Ghastek now. In fact, he actually is one of my new favorite characters in the series. I loved that we were able to learn about his past.

I don't think I'm giving anything away to say I hate Hugh with a passion still and am totally intrigued by Roland. Hugh is the type of character I love to hate. He has some of the best dialogue in the book with Kate. I really want to help Kate stab Hugh in the heart. Roland has been talked about since the first book and I now have a need to know even more about him. I’m pretty excited to see where Roland fits in with all the changes that have happened.

Ilona Andrews has quickly become one of my favorite authors and I can’t thank my friends enough for sharing this series with me. I also loved we were given a novella length story following Magic Breaks. Magic Tests is from Julie’s POV and takes place before Magic Breaks. I really like the character Julie and can’t wait to see where Ilona Andrews takes this character in the future.


Jen Twimom said...

Thanks for holding my hand and being my book reading buddy. Great review!

Liza Brown said...

You are the perfect book reading buddy! Gin's new book will be our next one. :)