Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Dare Me

Dare Me is the latest novella release from Julie Leto, which was originally published in 2005 under the title Dare to Desire. From the author’s website.~

When faced with a choice between saving the world and reclaiming your one true love…why not take both?

Secret agent Macy Rush is on a mission: find the counter-code that will thwart an impending terrorist attack. But her operation goes from bad to worse when she discovers the New Orleans mansion she must search is now owned by rival spy Dante Burke—the man who betrayed her in the most intimate and destructive way.
As lead agent for The Arm, an elite, black-ops division of the CIA, Dante has already searched the house from top to bottom. Though he’s come up empty, Macy insists on checking for herself. Dante agrees—for a price. During the day, he’ll help her try to save the world. But at night, she will be his.

Dare Me is a fast-paced fun and sexy novella. I loved that Macy is such a strong and smart woman.  Although Dante appears to be pretty devious, I still found him to be super sexy in that secret agent/007 kind of way. Macy is forced to work with Dante again to try and save the world. She is allowed full access to search their current location during the day for a price…she will be his each and every night.

After so many years, Dante is full of surprises. Macy doesn’t know what to expect as Dante slowly seduces her. In fact, the slow seduction was hotter than if they had just jumped back into bed. Of course, saving the world must still be their priority no matter how much they want one another, and Macy must decide if she can trust Dante again after all these years. They ended their relationship based on a pretty big misunderstanding. Dante will have to be totally honest with Macy to keep them on the path to reconciliation.

I really loved Dare Me. It moved really fast and was full of smart characters. Dante and Macy are good together as agents and as a couple. Would love to see more stories from some of the secondary characters in the future.

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