Thursday, November 12, 2009

Shopping with my grandmother

This weekend I'll make the trip back to my hometown to go Christmas shopping with my 90-year-old grandmother and my aunt. We started this tradition the year I graduated from college(1993) and have pretty much only missed 1 or 2 years since then. If we miss a trip, the three of us still find a weekend to have our shopping trip together. The trip started so I could help my grandmother (Nannie) pick out all the gifts for my younger cousins and nieces. I would help pick out either toys they would play with or clothes they would actually wear. Now, and for many of the last several years, Nannie has been giving everyone in the family checks for Christmas. The only people who still gets actual gifts are my great-aunt, aunt, dad, and youngest niece(who is almost 6). Now I've already gotten the gift for Youngest, so we only have to really look for 2 or 3 gifts this weekend. I really treasure this trip with my grandmother, and as much as I think it is pretty crazy since she gives out checks to most everyone, I will continue to make this trip for as many years as Nannie is able to go shopping.

I also plan on posting about the 2 books I've read this week. The first is an ARC of Faerie Fate by Silver James. This is her very first book and I should get the post up by Sunday. The second book is the latest JD Robb book, Kindred in Death. My goal is to post about at least one of these books by Sunday.

**Disclaimer I won the ARC of Faerie Fate on Silver's blog and purchased Kindred in Death myself.

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