Sunday, November 01, 2009

Post later today...I promise

I promise I'll get my post about Covet up later today. I'm getting ready to head over to watch some football with my friends this afternoon. Vince Young is back as the starting quarterback for the Tennessee Titans today. I'm hoping our team can turn it around starting today and move forward to have a great balance of the season. The dream would be to go 10-6. Also pulling for the Vikings today against the Packers.

Before I can have all of my fun watching football, I have to go deal with Verizon and my blackberry. For some reason when I updated the software, I lost my browser, facebook application, and my entire application center. Now have to make time to go by the Verizon store to get everything fixed. So wish I could have an iphone and still stick with Verizon. My contract is up in another year and I'll have to make some serious choices about my phone plan at that time.

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