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Bryce Rivers is gorgeous, arrogant, and nothing like I anticipated. That’s okay, because I’m not going to be what he expected, either.

Seducing him should have been a piece of cake, until I discover he’s hiding a few indecent secrets of his own.

Secretly infiltrating myself into this land development company wasn’t about the money, it was about making a difference. When I heard that the head of the organization had died and his nephew had inherited the entire corporation, I thought I finally stood a chance to persuade him to my way of thinking.

The new guy wasn’t at all what I’d expected. For a reported “recluse”, he was surprisingly charming, intelligent, and had a rapier wit that matched my own. Our attraction was mutual and scorching hot, which made it incredibly easy to seduce my way into his life and hopefully use that influence to steer him to make changes.

The man knew how to set my sheets on fire, but he wasn’t easily swayed. This might have started out as something impersonal between us, but the more I got to know him, the harder I fell for him, which wasn’t the plan.

I could only hope that once I made my true motives known that I wouldn’t end up destroying something more valuable—us.

And then I discovered that I wasn’t the only one hiding secrets . . .

Release Date: May 23, 2023
Indecent series #2
Contemporary Romantic Suspense (Spicy)
Review copy provided by publisher

Liza's Review:

Indecent Secrets is the newest release in the Indecent series by Erika Wilde. This book hit the ground running from page one and kept me pulled in until the very last page. Both Bryce and Leigh are such strong individuals, and their chemistry was palpable.

Both Bryce and Leigh are both playing roles when they initially meet, and while I’m not big fan of lying, it totally worked for me in this situation. Bryce is posing at Jack Lawton, who has inherited his uncle’s company so Bryce can figure out if Jack’s uncle was murdered and who did it. Leigh is an environmental activist trying to find a way to dismantle Jack’s company from the inside. When Bryce hires Leigh as a consultant, she has her way in.

First I liked both the main characters. They are both very strong willed individuals and both seem to have the greater good as their motivations. Now the chemistry between Bryce and Leigh was so freaking hot my kindle screen might have fogged up a few times. Seriously, so many smexy times in this book!!! There are many light BDSM elements in this book, and it totally worked for me.

I felt the elements of mystery were very well done, and didn’t overshadow the building of the relationship between Bryce and Leigh. I love a good who done it, and Ms. Wilde definitely kept me guessing with this story. I enjoy romantic suspense stories, and Indecent Secrets was the perfect combination of romance and mystery.

Indecent Secrets was a great addition to this series, and now I’m ready to read Seth’s story and see him get his HEA//HFN!

Rating: 5 Stars (A)

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