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NFL kicker Dylan Rivera and quirky yoga teacher Melody Hayes have absolutely nothing in common, except they both believe in "one true love." But when they are forced to live together for one month before Melody takes off for her dream job on a cruise line, they can't resist the thrill that comes when two opposites attract and ignite.
Look, I get that it's cheesy, but I know there is one woman who was put on earth only for me. I just haven't found her yet. So, when I wake up next to a pink-haired ray of human sunshine after a wild night at a South Florida Riders party, I know Melody Hayes is the one...the one I better avoid at all costs. Sure, she's kinda irresistible with all that optimism and cheeriness and a body that brings me to my knees -- literally, on her yoga mat -- but this eccentric beauty isn't the soul mate I've been expecting. But now she's crashing at my place and no matter how hard I try, I can't seem to keep her out of my bed. And the more she's lights up my life in ways I didn't think possible, the more I'm dreading our inevitable goodbye. 
When the universe speaks, I listen. But what the hell is the universe saying when it floods my apartment in the middle of my unexpected one-night fling with a smokin' hot football player? I guess it's saying move in with him, and why not? Dylan is totally crush-worthy, no matter how hard he tries to hide his sweet heart under all those tough muscles. Besides, it's only temporary. I'm on my way to a new life and nothing can stop me from fulfilling my destiny...unless my destiny is a man who is making me ignore all the signs and fall in love. 
Release Date: February 14, 2020
Palm Island Publishing
South Florida Riders #4
Contemporary Romance
Review copy provided by publisher

Liza's Review:

Thrill Ride is kicker Dylan Rivera's story. I have to say he has been pretty low-key so far, so I was super excited to learn more about him. I'm just going to say right here, I totally love the opposites attract troupe, and Melody Hayes is as far opposite of Dylan as one can get. OMG though the smoking hot chemistry between these two had me staying up super late so I could read more of their story.

Dylan is pretty set in his ways. He is convinced he will know "the one" when he meets her and compares all romances to his parents as he saw them growing up. Melody is as far from his idea of "the one" as any woman could be, yet he is totally and completely drawn to her. When she unexpectedly needs a place to stay, Dylan offers up his apartment for the short-terms since she is leaving in a month for a new job. Seriously they were the cutest couple/non-couple ever trying to stay away from one another. Their connection was so much more than chemistry from the very beginning, and it was such a fun journey to each other.

Melody is a yoga instructor who follows her own path based upon signs from the universe. I have to say she could be pretty out there with her thought process, but her enthusiasm and love of people and helping people totally won me over. Seriously, she is one of the most giving characters I've ever read. I loved she helped Dylan be a bit more spontaneous and take things much less seriously. Their differences completely worked for me. Honestly while I loved them as a couple and seeing them figure out how much they loved one another, my favorite part of this story was Melody stepping up to help out Dylan's father. Her heart for giving was so strong and her path, while unconventional was the perfect one for this story.

I swear I fall more in love with this series with each new book. I absolutely adore Breezie Bennett's voice and impatiently await her next book. Thrill Ride is the perfect book for contemporary romance fans, and especially for those who love the opposites attract troupe. 

Rating: 5 Stars (B+)


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