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A married couple yearns to rediscover lost love in this novel about forgiveness, reconciliation, and emotional growth.
It’s always been complicated between Libby Lawson and Greyson Chapman—and married life isn’t any simpler. But when Libby gets pregnant, she at last sees a bright future ahead. There’s just one problem: Greyson says he’s sterile.
Furious, Greyson abandons the young family. Equally furious and deeply hurt, Libby cuts all ties with him. After all these years, it seems their relationship has finally expired. But love is resilient and endures even when you don’t want it to. Greyson still longs for Libby, and though Libby’s heartbroken by Greyson’s lack of trust, she holds out hope for a complete, happy family.
And so they embark on the journey back to each other, wary of all the obstacles between them. It’s been a long road already—one strewed with fear, doubt, and misunderstandings. Will they keep looking to the past, or will they look to each other and walk hand in hand toward a broad new horizon?

Release Date: July 30, 2019
Broken Pieces #2
Montlake Romance
Contmporary Romance
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Nikki’s Review:

Wowza! This book put my heart through the wringer. Natasha Anders does angst like a boss! All her books always make me snot and bawl. This one wasn’t any different.

Libby is shattered by her husband’s accusations. He’s crushed her heart and essentially made her hate him. I seriously can’t blame her. Greyson, her husband, is an absolute ass. What he accuses her of, and the words he slings at her are unforgivable. Libby is a better than I am, because I’m not sure I could ever get over it. 

The road to forgiveness is not easy for Libby. Buried under all the hurt and anger, she still loves Greyson. See, better woman than I! Even though I had a full on hate for this guy, I was still cheering him on. I’m a sucker for a jerky hero who has to grovel. And holy shit, does Greyson ever grovel. Yay! Not gonna lie, I loved every second of that!

Like I said, I hated Greyson for a while in the book, but as he was proving himself to Libby, I definitely warmed up to him. His love for Libby was palpable. 
This book wasn’t overly sexy. I mean, there was some sexy times, but it was short and rather tame. I could have used more heat, but I was so invested in the characters and plot, that it didn’t bother me too much.

I ripped through this book quickly. It was beautifully written and wonderfully heartbreaking. This is a true story of forgiveness and redemption. 

Rating: 3.5 Stars (B+)

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