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The small town was supposed to be safe... 

Kate Landry is tired of running. Thinking she's safe, she settles in the small logging town of Chester, California to manage a cafe. She may be keeping a low profile, but she's hoping to return to a normal life.
When FBI agent Kyle Donovan visits to Chester to stay with a friend, and to recover from his latest case, he never expects to meet sexy barista Kate.

But someone is following Kate...

Kyle worries he brought trouble to her door, while Kate worries her dark past is coming after her.
With danger lurking around every corner, her safe haven isn't as safe as she'd thought. Kate will finally have to trust someone enough to tell him her secrets. Secrets that may just get them killed... 

Release Date: April 30, 2019
Romantic Suspense
A Fatal Instincts Book
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Liza's Review:

Dark Past is the first book I've read from Laura Hunsaker and I really enjoyed it. I'm a huge fan of the romantic suspense genre, and Ms. Hunsaker did a really great job with Dark Past.

Kate Landry is on the run from her abusive ex-boyfriend. She honestly thinks she has finally managed to find a safe place to live in the small town of Chester, California. She has made some friends, found a job she enjoys as a barista, and even feels pretty safe in her apartment above the coffee shop. I really liked Kate and how strong she seemed from the beginning. Yes she has some very real reasons to be scared, yet she had a strength to her as well. Kyle Donovan is in Chester to visit a friend, take break after a tough case, and really didn't expect to meet someone while there. 

I really loved the development of this story. The suspense as to when the ex would show up was very strong through the entire story. The romantic connection between Kate and Kyle was pretty much there from the moment they first met. I loved how protective Kyle was of Kate, yet smart enough to let her set the boundaries for both her protection and their relationship. I loved Kyle's friends/co-workers Luke and Jay and am hopeful for their stories in the future. My only real issue was the fact that the cops along the way didn't recognize a serial killer earlier when the ex was leaving the victims in the same position with a specific item each time. It didn't change my enjoyment of the story, but it did stick out to me.

Dark Past was a really enjoyable story. The suspense elements were very strong as was the romance. I didn't really feel like either one overshadowed the other. I really liked both of the main characters as well as their friends. I look forward to reading more books from Ms. Hunsaker in the future.

Rating: 4 Stars (B+)

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