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Pleasure before business. Always. 

Connor Montgomery doesn't give a damn about his world-renowned last name or the endless list of women who only want him for his billions. There's only one woman for him... his best friend since childhood, Faith. Unfortunately, as a vital employee of his family's company, she's beyond off-limits.

Too bad he's never been one to follow the rules.

Faith Holt is in desperate need of money... for all the wrong reasons. Stuck between coming clean and falling off the face of the earth, she comes up with a crazy, over the top plan. But to pull it off, she realizes that the only person who can help is the last person she wants to involve since it may require crossing the line.

Too bad she can't stop herself from resisting Connor and his wicked ways.

After years of being "just friends" and looking out for each other in the best of ways, Connor and Faith may have to decide what's worse: resisting the temptation that's always existed between them or finally giving in to it.

Release Date: March 28, 2019
Contemporary Romance
Seducing the Billionaire #3
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Liza's Review:

Connor Montgomery and Faith Holt have been best friends their entire lives. I love the friends-to-lovers troupe like nobody's business and and think Ms. Valentine did a great job with it in Seducing the Billionaire's Brother.

Connor Montgomery has never really dated anyone seriously and has known no matter what scrapes he got himself into, his best friend Faith Holt would be sent to bail him out. I honestly felt like she was really his person to use a quote from Grey's Anatomy. He honestly loved her above all others. I loved that he wanted to give Faith everything she could ever want or need, yet she only allowed him to give her birthday or graduation gifts.

Faith Holt comes from a modest background mostly because of her father's gambling habit. Faith has worked hard her entire life and is now a Corporate Librarian for Montgomery Industry and is completely off limits to Connor. While Faith has been in love with Connor her entire life, she has always stayed in the friend-zone and made sure she took care of him when he needed help...even when his family wouldn't step in.

When Faith is in danger thanks to her father's gambling addiction, only Connor is there to help. I loved he would go to the ends of the earth to do anything to protect Faith. I will say the only part of the book I had an issue with was Connor's brother Andrew. I really thought he had mellowed out after marrying the love of his life, yet he was horrible to both Connor and Faith much of the time. I don't know if Andrew being a pill was on purpose or not, but it finally pushed both Connor and Faith to do something drastic with their relationship and I will say I was happy he helped in that way. Faith and Connor really were just the perfect couple. Seriously they both knew everything possible about the other and nothing from the past bothered them. Faith and Connor truly loved one another and OMG they had the best chemistry. I had a few happy tears once they finally not only ended up together but shared how they each really felt. 

Seducing the Billionaire's Brother was a wonderful addition to this series. Fans of contemporary romance will adore the chemistry, banter and love between Faith and Connor. I know those romance readers who have been reading Marquita Valentine for any length of time will feel like they are coming home to a comfy, sexy, and fun read.

Rating: 4.5 Stars (B)

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