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didn't make it to Cincinnati this year for the annual Q&A with the WARDen for the release of The Thief, but luckily her team released the full transcript of the Q&A to Facebook. As I know many people check my blog for the information each year, I copied and pasted it over here. Sadly since I wasn't there this year, I couldn't  add my thoughts and feeling on her answers, but did want to share everything. I can promise as always there are LOTS OF SPOILERS to come, so read at your own risk if you haven't finished The Thief!!!

Also, a note from the transcribers: Often, there are other remarks made when the question is asked. For brevity and clarity, we have tried to include only the pertinent question. Also, there were some repetitions, so we tried to combine those, as well. Without further ado:
The Thief Q&A: 
NOTE: KR stands for Keep Reading. 
HEA stands for Happily Ever After (to denote a relationship that is permanent.)
Q: Dear God, I have a lot of questions for you! But I’ll ask what everyone wants to know. What’s the next book, babe?
A: The 2019 hardcover release is called The Savior, and is about Murhder. And there’s one piece of unfinished business that needs to happen: I think it’s about $%&#ing time that JM be inducted.
Q: Can we confirm that Jo Early is Murhder’s HEA?
A: Jo Early is not Murhder’s heroine. You have not met his heroine yet.
Q: So Boo is the Scribe Virgin’s eyes and ears but what about George?
A: George is just George but because of what Payne can do, he’ll never die.
Q: Is there going to be a confrontation between Murhder and John Matthew?
A: That is going to be one heck of a smackdown, between Murhder and JM. But, going into his relationship, JM had to know that Xhex wasn’t a virgin, so he’s going to have to get over the fact that she had a relationship before him. 
Q: Is Throe feeding the Grimoire with his…activities?
A: Throe’s trajectory is going to take him into some bad situations, and Devina’s role in the world will come into play in the next book. The Savior is multifaceted, and will encompass Murhder’s heroine and her role. 
Q: Is Devina going to come back?
A: Think of Throe and his relationship to his book, as a conduit for her to get out of the Well of Souls. She doesn’t need a person, she needs an opening. Throe is her way of doing that.
Q: Is there some way for Devina to get into the Band of Bastards?
Q: If the SV has been watching through Boo, has the Omega been watching, too?
Q: What about Vovo and Fritz getting together?
A: (Edits for swearing) Nope.  
Q: Was Nalla’s nightmare’s Throe?
A: Yes, Nalla’s nightmares of shadow men was Throe. Remember how some of the race have second sight? Nalla is one of those that have second sight. 
Q: Will Lash return?
A: Lash, AKA the guy who turned a mattress into the largest Depends ever known, will probably return. And I think he and Devina would make the most dysfunctional couple ever.
Q: When do we learn about the purpose of the coffins?
A: Not in the next book, but it’s definitely coming.
Q: When Eddie and Adrian return, will they be part of the BDB?
A: I think they’ll have to be, but there are so many people in the world, that I have to make sure it doesn’t expand too quickly. So, I’m not sure when they’ll show back up. 
Q: When will we find out how Sola stays with Assail?
A: I would say it either has to do with Payne keeping her alive with her powers, or Lassiter takes her out of the continuum. I didn’t make it clear in the book but, the HEA will not be affected by her death.
Q: What’s the next Legacy Book?
A: I don’t know, but I think I’m going to fold the Legacy characters into the BDB world. That’s what I’m hoping to do, because it’s getting expensive for readers to purchase two hardback books every year. I’d like to do more ebooks, like Dearest Ivey. I want to keep it reasonable for the readers. But I’m not sure yet. 
Q: Are you leading us in another direction, away from Caldwell?
A: No, we’re staying in Caldwell, NY. All good things lead back to Caldwell.
Q: Why were V and Jane waiting on Amalya? Why wouldn’t she just go up to the Sanctuary?
A: That’s a KR.
Q: Have you seen any visions that we’re going to lose a Brother?
A: There are no visions that we’re going to lose a Brother, or anyone else.
Q: Is there a way to give an idea of V and Payne’s sibling relationship?
A: I’m not doing the Slices of Life (that came in email or were posted online) anymore, but I would like to show more of the relationships, day-to-day stuff, because even the HEAs change and evolve. 
Q: Are you working on anything else (outside of the BDB and Legacy books)?
A: So, I’m writing a new series, about hot men with long hoses….it’s about fireman, and it’s coming out in October of this year.
Q: What about Lassiter?
A: Lassiter is absolutely getting his own book. I just don’t know who’d put up with his crazy ass. The way it works for me, the visions don’t come in chronological order. I knew for a while that he was going to be the deity, and I’ve seen him in his wedding jesses. But, I’ve never seen who he’s standing with.
Q: Michael, from the Story of Son, has a lot of similarities to Murhder. Could there be a tie between him and Jo and others, with Murhder. Also, are we going to see s’Ex again?
A: s/Ex is great, but I also love Sin. I can feel Sin’s book coming soon. And…I want to tell you so bad…Sin is Jo Early’s hero!
Q: Are there going to be any movies?
A: I have thought about turning the books into movies, but my biggest concern is always that the writing remain the main thing. If the right offer came, if Hollywood came knocking, it would just have to be the right offer. I’d have to be careful, because the series is still going, and people have their own ideas of how characters look and sound.
Q: Is Manny going to try to convert to a vampire?
A: No. He doesn’t have to worry, because of Payne’s powers. He’ll never age, he just hasn’t figured it out yet.
Q: Is Lash channeling the Omega? Where is the Omega?
A: The Omega is diminishing over time because of Butch and the Dhestroyer legacy. There has to be a showdown between Omega and Butch. But I don’t know yet how that works or when.
Q: Will there be scenes of daily lives of the civilian vampires?
A: I think, now that the social order has collapsed, the civilians have to come forward, so I think we’ll see more.
Q: Will any more BDB couples have kids?
A: I think that the timeline is at the point where we’ll see Aggie, Cormia and Phury’s son, be born. 
Q: Will Z and Bella get a book like The Beast or The King?
A: I’m not sure if it will be a full book, or more like a short story like Dearest Ivey.
Q: When are we going to hear more about the Wolfen?
A: We will get to see one in The Savior.
Q: Will we see more of Jose de la Cruz? (Butch’s former police partner)
A: I would like to have a scene where Jose realizes that Butch is all right, but I don’t know when or where that would happen.
Q: So, Boo is the Scribe Virgin…
A: It’s not that Boo was the SV, so he won’t disappear now that she’s gone off. He’s still there. But, until there’s a complete resolution, I think she’s going to have to come back. She’s not gone. 
Q: What’s going on with V and Jane? Will we get more stories about them?
A: I think we’re done with V.(as far as new books go) I don’t think there are any more conflicts that V and Jane can have.
Q: What about Trez and Selina?
A: I’m going to do a KR. But I swear, they’re not finished. They will find their way back to one another. 
Q: What can you tell us about Assail’s cousins, the twins?
A: Oh my god, I love the twins! When I saw the ghost peppers on the counter…I looked up videos on youtube, and I lost two hours watching these a$$hats eat them. I would love to see more of the twins. How would you feel if they ended up with one woman? (The response was overwhelmingly positive)
Q: At the end of the last Legacy book, they kept talking about someone who wasn’t in the book. Is that a significant person?
A: The grandson of the homeowner? That’s a maybe. He might be significant.
Q: What about Silas’s brother
A: Silas’s brother is significant. We’ll see him later.
Q: The BoB is now living with the BDB. Will we see how that’s working?
A: I want to show that, and other parts of the world that are interesting, but it’s a matter of finding out how. Because Sin ends up with Jo Early, we’re going to have to see some of that. (Interactions with the BoB)
Q: Is Amalya pissed off that she didn’t become the Scribe Virgin?
A: No, she isn’t.
Q: Was Amalya the fortune teller that Throe got the book from? Did she open the Vault?
Q: Will we ever see the Colony out west?
A: What is going to happen when the vampires are discovered by the humans? I think, way down the line, I think that colony is going to have to be explored. Now, keep in mind, it’s a prison colony. They’re murderers and thieves. But I think, way down the road, it’ll have to be explored.
Q: Will we ever learn what the problem is between V and Lassiter?
A: I suspect it comes out in Lassiter’s book, but I think a lot of it happens off page. But I might have to do an ebook short, just to lay it all out.
Q: Now that the Sanctuary is gone, does Payne have to feed, and from whom?
A: I think from the Brothers. Nothing sexual, but that’s what they’d have to do.
Q: So, V knows about Lassiter, but does Lassiter have a coming out party?
A: Can you imagine that? But yes, there will be some sort of announcement to the race.
Q: Will the sympaths come out more in the future books?
A: There are four ancillary groups, including the vampires, the wolfen, the sympaths, and the Shadows. As things develop, those four groups are going to have to be involved. 
Q: Have we seen the wolfen? Is Jose a wolfen?
A: We haven’t seen any wolfen…oh…well…hmmmmm… (No, Jose is not a wolfen.)
Q: Are the Brotherhood ever going to find out who Darius/JM is?
A: My answer has always been no, that it would destabilize all of the relationships in the mansion. Now, my answer is….I don’t know… Lassiter knows everything and he can’t keep his mouth shut. He’s the best and the worst god ever. I just don’t know.
Q: (Questioner addresses crowd) Does everyone hate the Scribe Virgin? Because I’ve always liked her.
A: I don’t think there’s a consensus. She doesn’t have a bad heart. But she’s very antiquated and set in her ways. I think her evolution out of the series means that the world is in a better place.
Q: Will Blay be inducted into the BDB as well?
A: I think Blay has a different future.
Q: What does Wrath look like?
A: Peter Steele, who died a few years ago? He was the closest I’ve ever seen.
Q: Will we see more of Little Wrath?
A: I would like to do a series of books in the future, like Nalla on her first date. I’d love to show LW, and I’d like to think that he’s going to show such courage and distinction that he’ll be important to the vampire race, even though it is now a democracy.
Q: Will we see more of Rhev?
A: I think we need to do more with the sympath colony. I think Rhev needs to come back.
Q: If Assail’s cousins share a woman, how would they work out the territorial issues?
A: I don’t know how it’s going to work.
Q: Will Qhuinn’s brother, Luchas, play a role in the finality of the Omega?
Q: When will we see Jo and Sin?
A: They’re going to have to have their own book, but I don't know when, yet.
Q: If water from the Sanctuary kills the shadow men, why don’t they use water guns?
A: Yeah, can you see V with a SuperSoaker…Seriously, though, if they’re out there fighting, and it’s not just shadow men, they’d need some other than water guns, so I don’t think Super Soakers is the answer. 
Q: Will we get any Doggen stories?
A: I don’t think so. I appreciate the curiosity about them, but I don’t think dusting and vacuuming is very interesting.
Q: Will Xhex and Payne be inducted into the Brotherhood?
A: I think Xhex and Payne will be inducted.
Q: What about another Insider’s Guide or a book of short stories?
A: I think that would be fun. My biggest concern is the expense for readers. (so that would have to be taken into consideration for a large project like an Insider’s Guide or a book of short stories.)
Q: I heard the Bourbon Kings was optioned for TV?
A: It was optioned, but then they didn’t have enough slots available. So, the options are available. 
Q: When are you going to read one of your own books (for an audiobook) so we know how to pronounce everything?
A: First, I don’t have a very attractive voice. And, I could never make it through the sex scenes. I only put the sex scenes in because you guys would kill me, but I’d never be able to read them.
Q: Does Vovo (Sola’s grandmother) know that they’re vampires?
A: She’s very smart, and I think she probably knows. And with her belief in God, that God wouldn’t create anything bad, she would believe that by their very existence, they must be good.
Q: Did Rhage gain some major control, or did something happen? Why didn’t he beast-out in the warehouse scene?
A: I wondered that, too, and I think it was because he’d changed a couple of days before, and was too exhausted. He’d healed just enough to fight, but not enough that he could change. (into the Beast)
Q: Are there members of the Brotherhood left behind in Europe?
A: I would say, yes, but they would probably be rogue, like the BoB.
Q: Are Trez’s migraines based on your own?
A: Yes, but mine aren’t as severe as his. 
Q: What happened with the cover of The Thief? (This one was hard to hear, so this is probably some major paraphrasing, but we based the question on the answer.)
A: I think that I don’t have any comment… Okay, I will answer it. The covers are there to sell books and none of the people on the covers have ever looked exactly what I see in my head for the Brothers. So, it’s unfair of me, the author, to expect the publisher will match what’s in my head. 
Q: The sympaths seem to be working their way back into the world. Will they be working with the Brothers in the future?
A: They never left the world. I wouldn’t say that they’re working with the Brothers yet. 
Q: With the introduction of the Wolfen, will we find a new deity?
A: No, there’s no other deity.
Q: Could Butch and Manny’s dad be the doctor they’re talking about hiring?
A: No, he’s not that doctor. I’m not sure about this, but I don’t think their dad is a good guy. 
Q: Could Payne restore Wrath’s sight? Could Lassiter?
A: Payne can’t. Lassiter? I don’t think that Wrath thinks his sight needs to be fixed. 
Q: When are you doing one of these events in California?
A: I don’t travel well. But I am exploring ways to travel more.

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