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Zane Larson has done everything he set out to do: conquered past demons, saved lives through his music, and toured the world as the frontman for one of the most popular rock bands in the world. This life—and an escape through music—was supposed to be everything he’s ever wanted, but after meeting Rowan, Zane’s no longer sure…

Soon after her husband’s death, Rowan Dugas learned she was pregnant. With grief and uncertainty her only companions, Rowan was only able to find an escape through music; specifically Zane Larson’s hypnotic voice. But after meeting the sexy lead singer of her favorite band, Rowan can hardly believe he’s interested in her. But Zane also has a painful connection to her unborn child - Zane's brother is responsible for her husband's death.

Torn between the only family she has left, and a life with Zane unlike anything she’s dared to dream about, Rowan’s decision will change her fate forever. Raw Need from New York Times bestselling author Cherrie Lynn is a heart wrenching, emotionally intense story that will leave readers breathless.

Release Date: June 27, 2017
SMP Swerve
Larson Brothers #2
Contemporary Romance
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Nikki’s Review:

Jesus. This book hit me with all the feels. I was a bit nervous about how the relationship between Rowan and Zane would unravel. Rowan is still very much grieving over the loss of her husband. He's only been gone a handful of months. And she's pregnant. With her deceased husbands' baby. Talk about sensitive issues, right?!

I was so pleased to see that the author had this relationship unfold slowly. There was definite chemistry and lust between Zane and Rowan, but it was under control...somewhat at least. I loved the push and pull. Rowan has been a fan of Zane, the rock star, for years. Her inner teenager is confused on why Rowan is holding back. As much as she as wants him, her heart isn't allowing her to take the next step. I can't imagine the guilt she was feeling. She was devastated, and still struggling with her husband’s death. And yet, she was falling fast and hard for Zane.

Oy! Zane has the patience of a saint! He's so incredibly considerate and accommodating to Rowan. He's willing to wait for her. No matter how long it takes.

These two characters have all sorts obstacles between them. They each have their respective demons crawling up their spine. All that aside, they were building an incredible friendship. I think that's why Rowan was eventually able to open herself more fully to Zane. The friendship came first and was solid. 

I absolutely loved this book. These two characters had some really murky waters to tread. But they were able to find a little bit of peace, and whole lot of love when they emerged. I felt so many emotions reading this book. I was sad for Rowan. My heart hurt for her. But I was also hurting for Zane. He's a tough rock star on the outside, but incredibly vulnerable on the inside.

You really should start with book #1, Raw Deal, to get the whole story. Besides, you don't want to miss Savannah and Mike's book, anyways! 

Rating: 4 Stars (A)

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