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Tell Dex I’m sorry. I shouldn’t have let it go this far. I’ve thought for a while that marrying him wasn’t right, that I’m not the woman for him—I should have been brave enough to say so. He deserves more.

When Dex “Double Dee” Davidson was abandoned at the altar by the woman he loved, he threw himself into his military career, training hard enough to get accepted into the elite Black Ops unit known as HOT. The love he felt for Annabelle Quinn burned to ash in the face of her betrayal—so when she crashes back into his life and begs him to save her, he has no problem laughing in her face.

Blackmailed into jilting Dex and forced into an abusive marriage, Annabelle never thought she’d escape the hell of the last five years. But her husband died a month ago and she’s finally free. Except she isn’t. Someone claims that Eric stole a fortune—and they want it back. If she doesn’t return it within twenty-four hours, she’ll be dead—and so will her young daughter. With time running out, Annabelle has no one to turn to. No one except Dex.

When Dex learns that Annabelle’s husband committed treason against the US by selling a top secret military project to the Russians, he has no choice but to get involved. He’ll protect Annabelle and her child, and he’ll find out who’s threatening her. But he won’t fall for her intoxicating sensuality ever again. And if he discovers the secret she’s been hiding from him? It’ll be game over for good…

Another explosive, high-octane thrill-ride from New York Times bestselling author Lynn Raye Harris!

Release Date: April 11, 2017
Hostile Operations Team #10
Romantic Suspense
H.O.T. Publishing
Review copy provided by publisher

Liza’s Review:

Lynn Raye Harris gives her readers another winner with HOT Addiction. I love a story about characters with a history together, and Dex's and Annabelle's second chance romance gave me all the feels.

I found myself loving how strong Annabelle was from the very beginning. Seriously, she was forced to marry a man she didn't love and leave the man she did love at the alter, she has taken over running her husband's business, and is raising her daughter on her on. When she figures out she is in over her head because of Eric's choices, she knows her ex Dex is the only man who can help her. Seriously that takes guts to go and ask the man you left at the alter to keep you and your daughter safe. 

Dex "Double Dee" is rightfully unhappy about seeing Annabelle again and understandably unwilling to initially help her out. Of course, he seems to know to check into her situation, and once he gets HOT involved, he quickly realizes he must help out Annabelle to keep her alive. I love with each book in the HOT series, we get a fully developed romance along with totally kick-ass action and adventure. The longer Dex and Annabelle spent time together, the more her past and what had happened with Eric came to light. My heart absolutely broke as Annabelle finally told Dex why she married Eric in the first place. The fact they were on the run at the time in a high-pressure situation had me on the edge of my seat as to how Dex would react. I loved that Dex felt much as I did about what Annabelle told him and wanted to kill Eric all over again.

I had figured out one of the people behind everything with Eric, but will say I was surprised by part of the reveal. I did love that some of what Eric was involved in circled back to someone from Mendez's past. I've wanted John Mendez's store since we first met him at HOT. I will say I cracked up repeatedly when Annabelle would refer to him as Gibbs when she saw him, probably because that is who I see when I think of Mendez as well. The HOT series just gets better and better with each installation. I am once again on the countdown for the next HOT book. HOT Valor is John "Viper" Mendez's book and it will be released on July 18, 2017. 

Rating: 4 Stars (B+) 

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