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A wedding day in Barefoot Bay is always joyous and exciting, but when the groom is none other than superspy bad boy Gabriel Rossi, the frenzy factor is high. Maybe that's the reason his beloved bride-to-be, Lila Wickham, wakes on her wedding day in a cold sweat from a bad, bloody dream.

As much as she wants to wipe away the memory and focus on the happiest day of her life, it soon becomes apparent that the dream heralds unhappiness—and tragedy. Terrified but determined, Lila knows she only has hours to take action against the daunting odds facing her son. But she's not alone anymore—she has Gabe at her back. And when it comes to defending the people he loves, there's no one fiercer than Gabe Rossi.

One single day, one embattled couple—one last shadow to dispel before they become the family they were always meant to be.

BONUS: Barefoot Bay short story Whirlwind included for free!

Release Date: February 4, 2017
South Street Publishing
Barefoot Bay Undercover #4
Romantic Suspense/Contemporary Romance
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Liza’s Review:

Gabe Rossi is one of my favorite characters ever written. When I found out Roxanne St. Claire was writing his story I was over the moon. When I found out we were getting his wedding story, I couldn’t download and read the book fast enough.

I love Lila Wickham every bit as much as I love Gabe, and their son Rafe might even be more of a handful than his daddy. Seriously Rafe seems to be every bit the magnet for trouble his parents have always been. Add in time with Poppy and Uncle Nino, and I was pulled in from the very first page.

There was no way a Gabe Rossi wedding day could happen without a bit of adventure occurring. Thanks to a mischievous child just like his daddy the adventure starts with the search for missing wedding rings, moves on to keeping Rafe safe, and finally Gabe doing everything in his power to take all the worry away from Lila. While I loved the adventure and the romance of Barefoot Dreams, I think the humor in this book was my favorite part. Seriously having Gabe battle a goat had me laughing out loud.

Barefoot Dreams was the perfect wedding story for Gabe, Lila, and Rafe. I loved every single moment of this story. I absolutely would love if Ms. St. Claire decided to write a series of books with Gabe and Lila similar to the In Death series from J.D. Robb. I just know Gabe and Lila’s adventures would be every bit as wonderful as Dallas and Roarke’s. Grab your copy of Barefoot Dreams today and fall in love with Gabe Rossi yourself.

Rating: 5 Stars (A+)

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