Monday, April 01, 2013

Ticket Home and Thank You for Riding

Ticket Home by Serena Bell
Encountering her workaholic ex on her commuter train is the surprise of Amy’s life. Especially since Jeff seems hell-bent on winning her back.

Serena Bell gives her readers a sweet romance between Amy and Jeff. Jeff comes to bring Amy back home with him. Amy still loves Jeff with all her heart, but doesn’t love that he puts his business interest above her. There was really great chemistry between Amy and Jeff in this short story, and I really enjoyed their story a great deal.

Thank You for Riding by Meg Maguire
At the end of Caitlin’s commute, her extended flirtation with a handsome stranger finds them facing a frigid winter night locked in an unheated subway station.

Caitlin and Mark’s story was so sweet. They had first seen each other at a blood drive but didn’t do more than flirt at that time. After Caitlin leaves her company Christmas party, where her boyfriend breaks up with her, she runs into Mark on the train. Their flirtation continues and they soon must get even closer when they are locked in an unheated subway station for the night. I liked seeing their flirtation move into the physical and looked like they were on their way to a great romance.

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