Sunday, November 14, 2010

To run or not to run...

So I finally went to the doctor the first week in November about my foot. I had continued to have trouble with my right foot since running in Percy Warner Park several weeks ago. So I couldn't get in to see my actual orthopedic surgeon, but was able to see his PA, who shares all x-rays with my doctor. I had multiple x-rays done on my right foot and Dana, the PA, told me I had lots of fluid surrounding all the bones in my foot. He said that was a sign of a stress fracture and told me I couldn't run for 4-6 weeks. I do get to see him after only 4 weeks, and I'm hoping I'm released to run again at that point. I haven't stopped exercising, but really miss my weekly runs. I've done the elliptical machine and even gone on a long walk with my brother(took off my surgical boot and wore my running shoes), but neither make me feel as great as running.

Yesterday was supposed to be my first 1/2 marathon ever. I hate that I missed out on this one, but know there is another one out there for me. I also have fallen off the eating healthy wagon I was on through my friend's program. I'm so ready to get back on track with my healthy eating and my exercise. Seems that once I couldn't run, I suddenly fell back into my old bad habits. I know this must stop and I have to get back on track.

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Anonymous said...

I am soooooooooooo sorry Liza and so sad to hear this news. There are TONS of Halfs out there for you!!! This is not the end, just a needed pause. The elliptical will do GREAT at keeping your fitness up. I had to stop running for 4 months because of my knee and maintained at least some kind of base distance with the elliptical. You're doing great at not just giving up and saying oh well.
It's okay to be bummed, maybe fall off the wagon, the point is that you take the tools you've learned to get right back on track. You can do it! Start looking at other Halfs you might want to train for to give yourself something to look forward to. Good luck!