Friday, August 06, 2010

Reading Slump in July

I just finished reading Larissa Ione's Passion Unleashed. I try to update my spreadsheet of books read as I finish reading each book (yes I have to keep a spreadsheet to keep up with my books each year...I know I'm a geek). Upon updating said spreadsheet, I realized I only managed to read 3 books total in July. My reads in July were the following books:

Dead, Undead or Somewhere in Between
Friday Night Bites

I did managed to read a few stories, that are not yet published, but overall I hit a major reading slump in the month of July. My week at RWA didn't help in adding to my reading list for the month. I had a wonderful time at RWA, but didn't find any spare time to read while I was there. In fact, if I found any spare time, I usually grabbed a power nap to help me get through the rest of the day.

I hope to find time to post a longer post on my first RWA experience over the weekend. I can only say at this point, I've almost caught up on my sleep and still need to put away my suitcases and clean laundry.

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Paula R said...

You will get back up there with the reading again soon, Liza. I remember you going for your power naps. I wish I had taken some of those...LOL!!!

I am not as organized as you about keeping a list of the books I have read. I should try that one day.

Looking forward to your post on RWA!!! Enjoy the temp is pretty cool here. I will let you know if I strapped up the laces and took to the road.

Peace and love,
Paula R.