Thursday, August 26, 2010

Hell Week...Diet Style

According to our fearless leader, Amy, the second week into the 6 Weeks to Skinny Jeans diet is called Hell Week. The first week you are so pumped up to give this diet a try by eating the right foods and exercising each day. I have to say that losing 6 pounds in the first week (from my weigh in with Amy on 8/14 to my weigh in at home on 8/23) really made me happy. Woohoo for me! I finally got off the plateau I'd been living on for the last 2 months.

Then week 2 came along. I'm sticking to this low carb 1,500 calorie diet like no body's business. In fact, I'm usually under my calories for the day no matter how much food I put into my body each day. I must say it takes a ton of veggies to equal any real calories if you aren't putting crap on the veggies when you fix them. My biggest challenge right now is to get all my calories in each day, which looks even worse on the days I run. Seems I burn at least 300 calories with each run, so on those days I only net out about 800-900 calories. With this plan, you don't actually get to net out your calories, but automatically does it, so I see it on my run days. Luckily, I found out last week we could in fact have sugar free chocolate pudding, so I can get my chocolate fix each day and even add a few more calories in for the day (60 calories per serving).

Exercising has been a bit of a challenge for me. Not my running, as I have it set up on a schedule and I stick to it each day. Doing the 3 sets of exercises Amy has set up for the book is sometimes hard. As much as I hate them, I do them, but not sure I have all the positions right. Was hoping to get some pointers at our group exercise this week, but Amy was sick and it was canceled. The moves are available on the Internet, but much like any other group aerobics class, I need to see it in person to really get it sometimes. We will meet this Tuesday, so I'll be ready with questions and my papers to take notes. Will say I can feel it in my legs and butt after each exercise period.

Going through this with my friends is also extremely helpful. I know there is always at least one person, if not 3 I can talk to when I want something that isn't allowed. I really haven't had a huge urge to cheat on this diet. I do miss chips and guacamole once a week, but have found I can eat guacamole on a salad and skip the chips and I'm just as happy. Overall, this diet is getting easier, but I really think it is more about my attitude to succeed than anything else.


Anonymous said...

I'm sure the last thing you want is someone telling you what to do but be careful with under-eating!!! Add some olive oil to your veggies is you're too low on calories, it's a healthy way to add cals and good fats, and fills you up, too. I commend you on your superb efforts!!! Keep up the great work :)

mslizalou said...

I'm really working to get all my calories in each day. I've only been short about 75-100 over the last several days. Seems like I eat all day long, but I'm feeling better than I have in a long time. We get to add some fruit to our diet starting Monday. :)