Monday, August 10, 2009

Louisville Library Book Drive Update

Updated information from Shiloh Walker about the Louisville Free Public Library is below. Any and all donations will be appreciated.

On August 4, heavy rains caused flooding in Louisville, Kentucky and the surrounding areas.  The Louisville Free Public Library’s main branch was hit hard and the damages are estimated at $1 million $5 million. (per the Courier Journal on 8/6/09)

I’m putting to a book drive in effort to help.

How you can help:


Donations of new books, all genres.

Information about monetary donations can be found at WFPL.

Authors & Publishers:

Donations of both signed and unsigned books.  All genres, from children’s books to romance to non-fiction, etc, etc.

Signed books can be used in fundraiser purposes.  Unsigned books can be used to help replenish the books that were lost due to the flood.

I have spoken with somebody with the library** and at this time, they have no place to store books.  However, I’m close and I will keep the books at my house until they are able to take them.

For those wishing to donate books, please send to:

Shiloh Walker

PO Box 976

Jeffersonville, IN


Feel free to repost this information in it’s entirety.

Shiloh Walker

**Please note, I did speak with library personnel before I started this bookdrive.  I realize they had no storage/no way to process books, which is why I’m holding them for the time being, and I did discuss that with library personnel as well.  Several members of the library do have my contact info, should they have concerns, and none have contacted me.

Another way to help (added 8/10) Jessi, a commenter who works for one of the branches posted:

I do know that a few months before the flood ever happened, the library set up a wishlist on for people wanting an easy way to donate books. I think that this is going to be especially needed when we get things together here (I’ve heard we’ll be lucky to have everything back together by the end of 2009). If you’re interested, you can go and search for “Louisville Free Public Library” under wish lists. Right now it’s mainly children’s stuff, a few classics and replacements for book discussion kits, but I feel confident they will be adding more over the next few months! Thanks again!

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