Monday, August 03, 2009

Black at Heart

Black at Heart is the latest book in the Black CATs series by Leslie Parrish. From the back cover.~

A group of elite FBI special agents has been brought together to form the Cyber Action Team, aka CAT-and they have one mission: to solve Internet-related murders.

Even as he devotes himself to catching the Internet’s most despicable criminals, Wyatt Blackstone has become a master of detaching himself from his work. But now, after the loss of a vulnerable young agent for whom he cared deeply, Wyatt’s renowned icy control is starting to crack. For not only has someone started picking off evil-doers, one brutal murder after another, but the clues to the crimes point to an absolutely impossible suspect: the very woman he thought he lost.

Black at Heart is currently the final book in the Black CATs series. I’ve loved all of the books in this series, but Black at Heart is my favorite. Black at Heart focuses on Wyatt Blackstone and the young woman he will do anything to protect, Lily Fletcher. I’ve been trying to figure out how to talk up Black at Heart without giving away any spoilers, and it’s so hard. I can say that Leslie gives the reader an amazing story filled with romance and suspense. She kept me guessing in both Fade to Black and Pitch Black as to who the bad guy was, but I was finally able to figure it out in Black at Heart. I don't think it was too obvious, I just think I finally read between the lines and saw what I missed in the other books.

I look forward to more books by Leslie Parrish in the future. I’m hoping at some point there will be more Black CATs books, but I’m just as excited by any books by Leslie Parrish. Black at Heart has a release date of September 1, 2009 and I suggest everyone run out to buy it.

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Silver James said...

For anyone used to Leslie Kelly's voice, her *new* persona of Leslie Parrish may be an eye-opener. Like you, I loved these books. Not only was the suspense gripping in these books but Leslie provided romance that was real and special for all three of the couples. B@H is my favorite because I think Wyatt is just...hawt! LOL.