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What’s a crown prince to do with time on his hands? Or better yet, who? It’s Prince Garrett’s turn to find love in this mouthwatering standalone novel from the New York Times bestselling author of Royal Pain.

Once upon a time I was being groomed to sit on the throne of Wildemar. Now I’m lucky they let me into the palace through the front door. After I was kidnapped and tortured by extremists, my reward upon my release is that nobody trusts me enough to let me be king. And since my twin brother, Kian, has assumed all my responsibilities, I figure why not take over as the black sheep?

But after breaking things off with my betrothed—we never had much chemistry, anyway—and giving the jetsetting playboy lifestyle a try, I’m starting to wonder if I’m cut out for this s***. Then I meet Lola Barnes, a drop-dead gorgeous entrepreneur from the States who’s as refreshing as she is feisty. 

It’s supposed to be a one-night-stand—until the press catches wind of my “new American sweetheart.” Trouble is, Lola’s no sweetheart. But the more I see our names together in the headlines, the more I find myself craving another taste. . . .

Release Date: April 24, 2018
Random House Loveswept
His Royal Hotness #2
Contemporary Romance
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Liza’s Review:

I really enjoyed Royal Treatmentfrom Tracy Wolff. In fact, I think I enjoyed Garratt and Lola’s story even more than I enjoyed Kian and Savvy’s story in Royal Pain.

Tracy Wolff writes such amazing and strong heroines, and Lola Barnes is one of her best. Lola has created her own business selling vintage couture clothing online and has become a major success.  When she stumbles upon Prince Garrett of Wildemar, her life is quickly turned upside down.

Garrett was raised as the Crown Prince of Wildemar, as he is 7 minutes older than his twin brother Kian. However, after his kidnapping, his father the King doesn’t think Garrett is strong enough to be the future King. I wanted Garrett’s story the entire time I was reading Kian’s book, so to say I was excited to learn more about him might be an understatement. He had so much control through much of the story, and I attribute much of his new control to being with Lola. There really was just something about the two of them together that seemed predestined. Yes they had some of the best chemistry ever and once they finally made love it was so freaking smoking hot, but they also just seemed to get one another.

I knew that Garrett would eventually blow from the pressure of everything that happened to him. I honestly was surprised it took as long as it did. I really think Lola was his anchor in the storm of his emotions and she helped keep him grounded. However when Garrett finally lost control, he lost it in such a big way, even I was shocked by his level of emotions and anger. I swear I pretty much bawled as Garrett screamed all he had been through at Kian. It absolutely broke my heart for Garrett and Kian, as Kian really had no idea how bad things really were for Garrett. I loved that Lola was the person who helped Garrett move forward and work through so many of his issues.

Royal Treatment was such a wonderful story. The romance between Garrett and Lola was amazing. It was a super emotional yet had lots of moments of laughter too. I’ve always enjoyed Tracy Wolff’s books, and have to say Royal Treatment is my favorite to date.

Rating: 4 Stars (B+)

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