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Every red-blooded male in St. Helena wants Harper Owens…as a friend. Despite her efforts at seduction, Harper seems to be destined to end up alone. The only guy with a knack for unleashing her inner vixen is firefighter and resident rule-breaker Adam Baudouin. Agreeing to a faux-mance could help him secure a promotion—and save her family’s lingerie shop, the Boulder Holder. But playing with fire has consequences. Especially when the flame comes courtesy of St. Helena’s own Five-Alarm Casanova.…

None of Adam’s quick-and-easy hookups have prepared him for a connection this extraordinary. There’s more to the milk-and-cookies art teacher that he’d love to explore. But first he has to convince her to trust the town’s most notorious playboy. Even tougher—he’ll have to trust himself to be the real-life hero this warm and sexy woman deserves.

Release Date: March 29, 2016
Montlake Romance
Heroes of St. Helena #3
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Liza’s Review:

I was excited to see Marina Adair had a new release with Need You For Mine. As I somehow missed the first 2 books in the Heroes of St. Helena series, I can definitively say Need You For Mine can easily be read as a stand-alone book. I can also say, I totally plan on going back and reading the books I missed.

Harper Owens is one of my favorite characters ever from Marina Adair. She is everyone's best friend and go-to girl with the exception of the Five-Alarm Casanova, Adam Baudouin. Their agreed upon faux-mance was totally perfect in theory, yet I could feel the connection they had the more time they spent together. I liked that they were both affected by their first kiss and really couldn't stop thinking about each other. 

I really felt like the more time the spent together the more both characters showed growth. Harper looks at the work through slightly rose-colored glasses, as in she really does try to see the best in everyone she is around. She is very insightful about everyone but herself, and Adam is more than willing to help Harper see all the wonderful things about her. 

I loved that Adam couldn't seem to stay away from Harper, which was so not his norm. Adam and Harper had chemistry that just got stronger the more time they were together, yet there was also an unexpected sweetness between them that I loved. I loved watching Harper and Adam both finally find someone that saw them each for the person they really were rather than the person most people thought they saw.

Need You For Mine was a sweet, funny, and sexy romance and I highly recommend it. 

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