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Romantic Tales: Bedtime Stories Episode One

Romantic Tales: Bedtime Stories Episode One

Here’s the blurb.

By Author Ty Langston: CRAVE

As a reporter for the Wakefield Post, Harper Erkstine has seen everything. From robberies to shootings, all of her recent stories have ended with a loss so tragic, that she began to question if she made the right career choice for herself.
While her friends were off going to clubs, dating and having fun, she was off covering a drive-by shooting or a home invasion.
Not a bad career choice, but the hours of a Metro beat reporter began to descend her into burn out mode.

In the middle of working on a missing person’s story that has rocked her town to the core, Harper decides as a favor to her friend and colleague to do a feature on local up and coming rock band, called ‘Crave.’

It was a break from her routine, but Harper soon discovers that this band may have ties to the missing person, not only does she question why, but she also finds there is more to this band than just their music.

By Author Riley Ross: The Getaway

Juliet’s boyfriend Mike takes her on a two week vacation away from her family, drama, and job.
He has plenty of romantic surprises planned and some surprises that aren’t planned at all.
Can love overcome family obstacles?

By Author Tigris Eden: The Genesis Project

Old Earth has been deemed unsuitable for life, New Earth is home, with the Uni-War over, races have joined together in order to sustain their way of life. All life was deemed worth saving, but only once race failed to submit. Humans.
Now extinct, humans are a thing of the past, or at least their way of life. The people of New Earth won’t acknowledge their hand in the human’s eradication, but they have benefited from it. Dr. Vaggo Blackmore has found the answer, he’s restored his races way of life, sustenance through farming. Farming is the one thing that will give them back their long lives… Their product of choice, cloned humans.

Biologically engineered in a lab, Genesis Blackmore has always been different. Her father has told her it’s due to her enhancements, the Federated Council sees her as a genetic mutation, and her fellow peers see her as the shiny new toy. Gen has had better days.

Everyone on New Earth has milky white skin, platinum blonde hair, and electric blue eyes. It is the norm. Genesis’ glossy black hair, ice blue eyes ringed by gold, would have almost made her socially acceptable, if it wasn’t for her honey, almond skin and blue, gold veins. In a sea of milky white she alone is the dark anomaly. 

I was sent a copy of Romantic Tales: Bedtime Stories Episode One from the authors. I'm new to reading short episodes for books. However, each of the stories featured grabbed me pretty quickly and I'm looking forward to reading the next installment for each story. Currently only available from Amazon, but will be available from B&N starting in October. The order link from Amazon is here.

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