Sunday, September 30, 2012

JR Ward Rapture Book Signing

I wasn't lucky enough to get to be at the Rapture book signing in Cincinnati yesterday. However, my friend Mahlet was there and she posted all the details in Goodreads and told me I could copy and past the Q&A to my blog. You can click on the link in Goodreads to go directly to the post. Mahlet's post is at about comment #29.

Warning: There are a few Rapture spoilers in these Q&A deets. Also, no posting or commenting whatsoever about the Q&A content on JR’s Facebook page or her official board. (she didn’t say this....but it’s always been her policy for signing deets...I’m assuming they just forgot to give the warning). I didn’t catch everything, but there were other notetakers there - I’m sure whatever I’ve missed will pop up elsewhere. 

Barnes and Noble was extremely organized and efficient - NONE of the crazy drama from this past Spring. The had staff monitoring the “ticket line” from 7:45 a.m. onwards. Free coffee. Very calm. No one got cut! :) And their policy was your ticket guaranteed you a seat for Q&A. And they monitored and directed the flow from JR’s signing table directly to the seating area. So you couldn’t try to cut or sneak in and grab seats if you didn’t have the ticket. Hats off to them. Super appreciated - they are definitely ready for Qhuay. 

-There will be a NUMBER of signings for Lover At Last. They KNOW it will be huge. She would rather do 3 (400 people) signings than turn people away.

-from her assistant: No firm date for the Lover At Last Cincinnati signing yet, but it is anticipated it will be the week before Easter (on a Saturday).

-JR knows who’s next after Qhuay (BDB books) and she knows the title, but she wouldn’t reveal. She says she thinks she’s going to reveal that tidbid at the Cincinnati Lover At Last signing.

-Jim’s sacrifice at Rapture’s conclusion will pay off. Pretty clear where this story is going.

-Q: Why can’t Adrian fix his penis injury himself? He’s an angel. 
A: (funny stuff about impotence meds, dick pumps, etc) Parallels between how things go down with the SV and how things go down with the Angels. Must be balance...He can’t just “magically wank himself” out of his problems. Considering what JR knows about the forthcoming books, Adrian can’t go through the rest of the series “bangless”

-Angel eluded to in Rapture is Lassiter.

-Will the FA world and the BDB world have big collision? Yes. Once the books are again in-sync, timeline-wise. (Tohr’s book took us one year ahead)

-Jim lives in Bella’s outbuilding.

-Will BOB get their own series? A: Their future is tied to BDB’s future. The answer will play out in the BDB books. 

-Will Sissy’s sister play a future role in distracting Jim? Keep reading. And “keep reading” means you’re asking the right questions. 

-Dog can be whenever he wants, whenever he wants (unlike Devina). He goes where he is needed. JR wants to know if there can be multiple dogs. 

-Won’t answer question on whether she’ll start a wolfen series. 

-Q: BOB - When will they get their hoes? A: JR TOTALLY flips out gushing over some super hot scene in Lover At Last involving BOB. "They get A hoe." (she emphasized “A” when she said they’re sharing? 3, 4 or 5-some??? Bring it!! :) 

-Bella’s needing didn’t trigger’s Beth’s needing because Beth is a halfbreed. 

-Dog is much more than just a dog. Boo is more than a cat...but she hasn’t figured out just yet.

-someone asked if she could see Butch and Marissa having kids? A: she could see them doing that. 

-Will we see more of Qhuinn’s brother in Lover At Least? BIG keep reading...the question made JR physically squirm and made her skin chafe. 

-She sees Eddie coming back. 

-Devina is like a virus, slowly taking over people. Adrian and Jim have had similar relationships with her, but Devina and Adrian’s contacts have been much longer. Devina thinks she’s in Adrian; and she thinks she’s influencing him. 

-someone asks about the characters JR relates to the most, and she says some hilarious shit, as if she’s talking to one of the Brothers: “I must relate to you...drop you pants” Classic :) JR most tied to Zsadist - by far, but also tied to Qhuinn, and Xcor, even though Xcor’s a dickhead, which you’ll see in Lover At Last. Xcor looks like Channing Tatum to JR!

-Q: how x-rated will the Qhuay love scenes get? A: JR was nervous. She had never read MM. She was concerned about how it was gonna work. So she fucked around on first 270 pages in her manuscript before she manned up and said they ok, need to bang. The scene goes on forever because Qhuinn can (tons of screaming followed OBVI!!!) She made the love scene really long!! :).....She was very concerned because she’d never written MM sex before, so she gave it to an MM reader for feedback. Then a hetero reader. Then someone that reads everything. Everyone was happy and gave the love scenes thumbs up. The Moderator steps in and adds, "You'll really like it if you read MM, but you also won’t be offended by it if you don’t read MM.” (that last comment drew some concerned whimpering from a few folks in the crowd...I was doing it internally....) But then the Moderator added: It is written exactly like the hetero love scenes with her other BDB couples. No difference at all. (Then we were all back to cheering again.) JR assures that she gave Qhuay the hardcover treatment - No closing door...unless someone’s getting banged against them (Hell yeah!) 

-Won’t answer if Layla is Xcor’s HEA.

-only 25 pgs left to write on Rhage/Mary novella. 

-Adrian/Devina - Will you tell us what the fuck happened? A: We’ll find out. 

-More Saxton info? Will he die? A: Keep reading. Then she talks about Qhuay. In Lover At Last, we’ll see how toxic unrequited love can be (B&Q). They’ve had years of it! 

-Murhdur will come back; she doesn’t know when. 

-Q: Adrian at crossroads - will Adrian be one of the souls in questions? A: JR plays deaf and dumb.. (we all cheer)

-We won’t have to wait very long before we see Throe “pretzel” a female again :)

-won’t answer whether Throe’s sister is alive. 

-Trez and iAm. She love them. Lots more of them in the future.

-JR is ALL about Assail and she couldn’t believe no one asked a question about him.

-There is another series JR wants to write. She assured someone there would be sex in it. That’s all she would say more, other than to clarify - it’s what she wants to write, not what she’s actuallywriting. 

-Q: A question based on your earlier answer. The Qhuay love scene. On the 2nd draft...Do they come sooner? A: On revisions, it usually gets longer (...It was kind of a jokey answer...I consider it no answer. I was doubtful I would get an answer to that question, but I had to try. So no clarification on whether the Qhuay love scene won’t come until 270 pgs in the later drafts)

-She’s not finishing writing Qhuay, but just some estimates - Lover At Last will be as long as Lover Eternal and Lover Unleashed, but maybe a little shorter than Tohr’s book (his was the longest).

-What other characters will we see in Lover At Last? We’ll see Layla, Saxton, Assail, the BOB, and NOT an inconsiderable amount of Wrath (she can’t say more about the Wrath stuff without getting spoilery...but it’s very interesting). Some BIG scene with Zsadist. She literally got teary eyed thinking about this amazing Zsadist scene. It does involve Bella. It was hard for her to write.

-3 FA books left.

- Question about the missing tear-drop tattoo. A: The is only so much they can do on the covers. The potential tats JR saw were fake looking. They got the eyes right, if you’re facing Qhuinn. She’s happy to have that cover mode. It’s how she sees Qhuinn - she loves it. 

-Qhuinn will put his piercing back eventually. 

-We will see ONE brotherhood induction in Lover At Last. (Someone’s hubby screamed “I bet it’s Channing Tatum”....Riotous laughter)

“based on Assail’s interactions with he a Sympath?”: A: Keep reading. 

-Qhuay will bond; “keep reading” on someone’s question on whether they will both emit scents....

-She won’t answer question on whether Layla will have difficult pregnancy moments, like Bella did. 

-Will Lash reappear? A: He’s definitely coming back.

-BDB series is still opened ended :) No conclusion in sight. 


JessyP said...

Thank you so much!!!

G.R. Roots said...

Liza, I'm a huuuuuge fan of yours.
You are the first person I usually run to to find out about the BDB news. Ever.
So, first of all, thanx so much for the bullet-speed news.

I'm in Brazil, you know... It's really hard to have first hand information unless we wipe our... - you know - trying to read something in english. So, I'm really sorry for the mispelled words.

Anyway, the thing that really botter me about the news are that "in-sync timeline-wise" thing. In Lover Unleashed Veck is in that case that take he (and us) to Envy. Lover Reborn happens just after LU and takes a year. But Rapture is right after Envy.

How the hell the two series can be in-sync?

Am I mistaken? (please say so...)

Brazilian luv for you!

(come to visit me in - it's in portuguese, but it's fun! Hehehe)

G.R. Roots said...

Nevermind, girl.
I'd read it do damn fast that I didn't catch the meaning. Now, that I reread it - like twelve times, finally understand that the book are NOT in sync, but when they are again, the two worlds may colide.


Gabi Ranna