Monday, August 03, 2009

Kiss of the Phantom

Kiss of the Phantom by Julie Leto is currently the final book in her Phantom series. From the back cover.~

The youngest of all the Forsyth brothers, Rafe believes mysterious Lord Rogan will protect the Romani inhabitants of Valoren against the vicious mercenaries threatening them. Instead, Rogan’s dark magic traps Rafe inside a stone, forcing him to watch his wife’s murder. Consumed by grief and guilt, Rafe doesn’t wish to be freed-he wants only to be left alone.

Nearly three hundred years later, a beautiful treasure hunter travels to a remote corner of Germany, in search of a stone that could solve her financial troubles. But from the moment Mariah Hunter touches the artifact, she is haunted by erotic images of a man with eyes as silver as the moon-a man who appears out of nowhere just in time to save her from certain death.

As Mariah finds herself undeniably drawn to her dark savior, it might be Rafe who is the real danger to her heart.

Julie gives the reader another winner with Kiss of the Phantom. The chemistry between Rafe and Mariah is sizzling from their very first encounter. I also love the mystery of the artifacts connected to Lord Rogan. Mariah has no idea that she is the woman who can help Rafe become human again, since she is the one who awakened him from his stone prison. Mariah and Rafe are on the run from a client of Mariah’s and an enemy after the stone, and become as close to one another as either will allow.  Mariah doesn’t know the only way to free Rafe is to admit she is in love with him. Both Mariah and Rafe have things in their past they must overcome to have a lasting relationship.

I loved Kiss of the Phantom and look forward to more books from Julie Leto in the future.  At this time, there are no more books scheduled in the Phantom series, luckily Julie has More Blazing Bedtime Stories coming out in November.

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Silver James said...

I'm really sad this looks like the last Phantom book, too. I'm dying to know the stories for the other brothers. Loved this one, and probably my favorite of the three that are out, though I've got all of them on my keeper shelf and plan to reread them!