Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Dance of Seduction

Dance of Seduction by Elle Kennedy is a wonderful quick read out in ebook format. Luke Russell is sent to find his best friend Josh's sister Ellie, who left home 6 months ago after her engagement was called off. Luke finds Ellie dancing in a jazz club run by Vivian Kendrick, who is the mother of Ellie's college roommate. Luke is immediately attracted to Ellie, but fights his attraction as he feels guilty for wanting his best friend's little sister.

Ellie decides the best way to get Luke to leave is to seduce him. Of course, she is playing with fire as she has had feelings for Luke since she was a teenager. Josh decides to come down to see what is taking so long, and runs into Vivian, who he has had feelings for since their first meeting. Vivian, who is over 15 years older than Josh is convinced that he could never be attracted to her.

Kennedy writes a wonderful love story that gives you two great romance stories in one. It was so fun to see each romance grow as the stories progressed. Another winner from Elle Kennedy!

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