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One by-the-book cake caterer 

One rule-breaking hotshot pastry chef 

One prize in a Christmas cookie competition that will skyrocket both of their careers

Mix well and add a whole lot of heat that doesn't stay in the kitchen.

Serve with a side of opposites attract, holiday cheer, and a hard-fought happily ever after.


Sugar and Spice is a sexy and sweet opposites attract/adversaries to lovers holiday romance. It kicks off the Pine Mountain series, and is an updated, spicy-sweet version of a novella that was originally published as part of The Sugar Cookie Sweetheart Swap anthology in 2013.

Release Date: November 15, 2022

Pine Mountain Series #1

Contemporary Romance

Kimberly Kincaid Romance

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Liza’s Review:

I somehow missed the Pine Mountain series of books when they were originally published by Kimberly Kincaid, but am her for the updated version of the books. Sugar and Spice is a wonderful start to the series, and this novella was a fun and fast read that contemporary romance fans will absolutely adore.

Lily Callahan and Pete Mancuso both enter and want to win the Pine Mountain Resort’s Christmas Cookie Competition for different reasons. Lily wants to win so she will have the $10,000 prize money to help secure a storefront location for her bakery The Sweet Life, that she is currently running out of her apartment. Pete wants to win so he can secure a position as the head pasty chef in a better restaurant. Lily and Pete have to team up for the first challenge, and they are total opposites, as Lily is a total recipe follower, and Pete likes to fly by the seat of his pants when it comes to baking. I absolutely adored their banter through out the entire book, and felt like they had a connection from the moment they first bumped into one another before the competition even started.

Lily and Pete had pretty amazing chemistry, and I fell every bit in love with them along the way as they fell in love with one another. I loved they kept being put together because their on screen chemistry was so strong, that they became the best advertisement for the competition. I felt like all the extra time together in such a short amount of time moved their relationship forward faster. I felt like they each learned from one another along the way, and with each new stage of the competition, I felt like Lily and Pete became better versions of themselves thanks to the other.

Sugar and Spice was such a fun, fast, sweet, and sexy read. I read it on a flight in one sitting. I really loved Pete and Lily as a couple. I will say the only thing about the book that threw me was the last chapter/epilogue being about another character who appeared earlier in the book, rather than where Pete and Lily were at that time. I’m excited to get time with them in this series in the future, and can’t wait to see what happens with  Shane Griffin in the next book. 

Rating: 4 Stars (B+)

You can grab your copy here and curl up with this holiday cheer right on release day https://kimberlykincaid.com/books/sugar-and-spice/ This book will only be available wide for a short time before it goes into KU for the holiday season, so please (REALLY, PLEASE) order it ASAP if you read with iBooks, Kobo, or Nook.

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