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Twice as Sexy, an all-new opposites-attract standalone romance in The Sexy Series from New York Times bestselling author Carly Phillips, is available now!

He’s the bad boy her mother warned her about.

The guy who makes her crave all the naughty things a good girl shouldn’t want.

Tanner Grayson is a man outrunning the demons of his past and has the rap sheet to prove it. The only thing keeping old anger in check and him on the straight and narrow are the men he calls brothers and the club he calls home. He has no business taking the sexy woman doing shots in his club upstairs to his bed.

They never should have crossed paths. But when Assistant District Attorney Scarlett Davis lays eyes on the hot as sin club owner, she decides he’s the birthday present she wants to unwrap at the end of the evening.

He tells himself it’s one night. She convinces herself she deserves a short break from her latest case. But one night isn’t enough and soon these two opposites are in deeper than they ever planned.

When Scarlett’s case collides with Tanner’s past, she sees the dangerous man he’s hidden beneath the cool veneer he presents to the world. Can she accept him for who he is? Or will she run from the bad boy who makes her feel so good?

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Release Date: January 7, 2020
CP Publishing
Sexy Series #2
Contemporary Romance
Review copy provided by publisher

Liza's Review:

Twice as Sexy is the second book in the Sexy Series from Carly Phillips. After falling in love with Jason and Faith in More Than Sexy, I couldn't wait to see what happened next with the partners of Club TEN29. Twice as Sexy was absolutely everything I wanted and more. 

Tanner Grayson and Scarlett Davis had me wanting them to be a couple from the moment they saw each other for the very first time. I loved Scarlett's best friend took her out to have fun on her birthday, and the way she had fun was to seduce Tanner. They had the most amazing chemistry and connection from the beginning. 

As Tanner has a bit of a colorful past thanks to verbal abuse from his father, and watching his best friend Levi die in a fraternity hazing incident, the has anger issue and some impulse control. Only with the help of his friends and therapy has he found a way to channel his anger and live a full life. I absolutely laughed out loud when the one woman Tanner falls for is not only an attorney, but an ADA. Scarlett chose to become a prosecutor after the men who murdered her younger brother got off on a technicality. Tanner's past could be the end to a budding romance, if Scarlett isn't willing to look beyond his past to see how Tanner continues to work to control his anger issues.

I absolutely loved Tanner and Scarlett together from the beginning. However, I was really concerned about how Tanner would handle the one person from his past who destroyed his control returned with revenge on his mind. Victor Clark is the man who was responsible for the death of Jason's, Tanner's, best friend Levi, and Landon's twin brother in a hazing incident, and when it is discovered he is out of prison early, Tanner's control is tested. The fact that Tanner always has the support of Jason and Landon, and now has Scarlett in his corner gave me all the happy feels. I loved Tanner and Scarlett grew closer with each passing day. Their chemistry was smoking hot and I love that while Scarlett didn't love all of Tanner's past, she saw him as a man who was working to stay on the right path and loved him in spite of the demons from his past.

Twice as Sexy literally was like book crack to me. Super sexy Alpha man falling for an extremely strong woman. I loved the journey Tanner and Scarlett took to find their happily ever after. Twice as Sexy is another winner from Carly Phillips. I highly recommend this story to romance readers who love super sexy and emotional stories.

Rating: 5 Stars (A)

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