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Sexy, scintillating, and secretive, Intense Pleasure is the story of hidden desires and illicit romance. When danger threatens a woman, the two men who crave her, cannot live without her, will stop at nothing to protect her life… and satisfy every burning desire she has. They must stay bound together to be stronger than what hunts her, and let passion consume them…


Her name is Summer, as beautiful and occasionally fierce as her name suggests. Her past has just come back to haunt her, and suddenly she’s not sure who she can trust. Her longtime confidantes Falcone and Raeg seem to have Summer’s best interests at heart. . .but it’s clear that their desire for her still burns between them. Can they find a way to keep Summer safe—or will a bitter rivalry stand in their way?

Falcone and Raeg need to work together, now more than ever, if they intend to protect Summer from an old enemy who knows her dangerous secret. When Summer’s identity as a sweet, Southern socialite gets out, the two men must find a way to draw out the ruthless assassin on her trail. . .and keep their illicit romance with her under wraps. But some passions are so intense they can’t remain hidden.

What are Falcone and Raeg willing to risk for the woman they both crave like no other, in Intense Pleasure, the next Bound Hearts novel from #1 New York Times bestselling author Lora Leigh.

Release Date: January 3, 2017
Bound Hearts series #14
Romantic Suspense
St. Martin’s Press
Review copy provided by the publisher 

Nikki’s Review:

Lora Leigh represents book heaven for me. She was my introduction into erotic romance many years ago. The first time I read one of her books, I was flushed and my heart was hammering in my chest. All this time later, nothing has changed.

One thing I can always count on in a, Lora Leigh book is a complex plot line. Sure there's tons of steamy lovin', but there's a solid story filled with details. I love a book that really makes me think and pay attention. Intense Pleasure delivered on those things!

The chemistry between, Summer, Raeg, and Falcone (yes, it's a delicious ménage story...woot!)  is palpable. There's so much desire and want sparking through the pages. The brothers are in lust and love with Summer, though they won't admit it. Summer’s heart is all but on her sleeve. The push and pull between the characters was constant throughout the book. There was a lot of internal conflict going on. They all had their baggage.

I found myself getting choked up on and off throughout this book. Lora Leigh writes emotional scenes like a boss! You know they want to be together, but there's so many obstacles standing in their way; at least that's what they believe. I wanted to shake them and tell them to get their shit together and just be with each other. When a book provokes that type of reaction from me, I know I'm reading something that is going to consume me until the very end. 

I really liked Summer's personality. She's fierce. She can take care of herself and kick ass while doing it. Raeg and Falcone would like nothing more than to wrap her in cotton and keep her completely sheltered. Ha! She's having none of that!

Despite the constant internal and out loud struggles between them, the bedroom antics are wickedly seductive, and will leave you breathless! 

Like almost all of, Lora Leigh's novels, this one is full of spine tingling suspense that will keep you guessing until the end. And this is where all that detail comes into play. The amount of research regarding government agencies and the life of a spy or Russian mob hit man, must have been ridiculous. I'm no expert on any of these things, but it sure seemed accurate to me!

The one thing that left me feeling a little disappointed was the fact that characters from previous books didn't make an appearance. I know they've had their story already, but I like a little glimpse of them after their happily ever after. 

This book can be read as a stand-alone. You wont feel left out of the loop. However, because the series rocks, you should totally read them all! Lora Leigh is an auto buy for me, and I don't anticipate that changing. 

Rating: 4 Stars (A)

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