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Lover Reborn Book Signing

****Lover Reborn Signing 3/31/12****

***This post contains multiple spoiler for the BDB world, and especially Lover Reborn. You will see information from late in the book in this post. Stop reading now if you want to avoid spoilers. You have been warned.***

I went the Lover Reborn signing in Cincinnati on Saturday with some friends and while I live tweeted all the details from the Q&A, my friends were good enough to take great notes so I could post everything here. 

The next book in the series is Blay & Qhuinn’s. Team Qhuay for the win!!! A massive roar and thunderous applause went up when she made this announcement. Book will be released in 2013, but wasn’t told an exact month. However, we usually get a new BDB book in March, so I’m guessing we have about a 1 year wait.

Why was there no mention of the bonding scent in Tohr’s book? Males only have bonding scent with one female. Tohr bonded with Wellsie first, so that is who he released his bonding scent for. Tohr’s bonding scent went away when Wellsie died. Even without the bonding scent, males can still love another and have a happy life with another female.

Asked about graphic novels and said she has no plans for them, but that would be up to her publisher.
Muhrder will be coming back. May or may not be in Qhuay’s book.

Sympaths will take more active role in the battle in the future.

When asked if there would be a threeway between Blay, Qhuinn and Layla she said hell f’in no! Would be afraid the fans might try to take her out if she did so.
Wrath has his shit together.

Assail is a mystery in itself.

Not sure if we will ever meet Butch and Manny’s father. He is a non-tran vampire who is probably still working in hospitals spreading his seed across the country.

We will get books about the Shadows (Trez and iAM). There will be controversy over who Trez ends up with.

JM will be inducted, but she didn’t say when. Another induction will happen “very soon”, but she wouldn’t say who would be inducted. (pretty sure will be Qhuinn once laws are changed)

Rhage & Mary’s novella is almost finished. She still needs to write Wrath & Beth’s novella. Believe she said they wouldn’t be published until after Qhuay’s book.

Will Saxton get his HEA (happily ever after)? She looked down and then said no comment for now.

Lassiter will get his own book. Not sure if it will be in the BDB series or the Fallen Angel series.

2nd Insiders Guide will come out when enough new books have been out since the 1st guide. She thinks it will be after another 3-4 books.

The Scribe Virgin (SV) is in her own kind of hell right now. WARDen trying to figure out what it will take to get her back down. Believes it will take Wrath being in peril to help her get her shit straight.

We will see Eddie from the Fallen Angel series again, but will take an extraordinary event. Ward loves Eddie and really was sad to see him die in Envy.

The next Fallen Angel book is called Rapture and will be published in hardback on September 25, 2012.

Releasing hardcover collector’s edition of Lover Eternal on November 6, 2012.

Wouldn’t answer if we would get another Fade ceremony. (Hello, someone else has to die for this to happen)

She wonders when de la Cruz will figure out the brothers, too. Kinda said it might happen in one of the Fallen Angel books. She would love to see him run into Butch again and not have his memory wiped.

Butch can still absorb the Lessers, but there are major consequences. Won’t endanger self or brothers to do this until the battle is more stable.

Where is Qhuinn’s brother? We will see him in Qhuay’s book. She isn't sure what Qhuinn's brother is now. The term Lesser has been tossed around in the past.

Wrath & Butch being cousins is something to do with the bloodlines. Butch part of original bloodline.

No meaningful blood relations between Wrath & Xcor.

Lots of sex in Qhuay’s book. May have sub-plot with Z in their book as well. (makes me very happy as I’ve missed Z over the last few books)

Coffins in the garage may be the original brothers from the old country.

Ahgony, Phury and Cormia’s son is born 5 years after Nalla, so we have to wait a while to meet him. WARDen said he is awesome.

She is dreading writing Blay and Qhuinn’s story due to overly high reader expectations. Beginning will have a tearjerker that will change world. Story will start soon after Lover Reborn ended. She would not tell us the name of Qhuay’s book.

Michael, from Story of Son – was asked if he or any of his children will show up in BDB world and she said she can’t answer.

Any new unmentioned characters coming up? In B.O.B. (Band of Bastards) era right now. Doesn’t want things to get too big and lose focus right now. Does see more new characters after this era.

Layla & Xcor  & Qhuinn dynamic will not work well. Layla is attracted to Xcor yet pregnant with Qhuinn’s baby. Qhuinn will be very protective of Layla. Situation will be world changing for all.

She also said Throe and Xcor will have some stuff to deal with since they both have a bond with Layla now. Another crappy dynamic to deal with.

Has many favorite scenes in LR – Lassiter behind the bar screaming orgasm, Autumn – field of snow/shadow. Many of the pants down moments.

Bawled her eyes out during book, especially at scene with Wellsie’s dress and the Fade ceremony.

Will Lash come back? Because he was stabbed instead of inhaled, yes he will return.

Vishous  being mad at Ward is because she lied about him in his book. She will not explain further and has been asked about it at almost every book signing.

Since Layla is pregnant, will we see other Chosen? There are still Chosen, and others will have to step up to feed since Layla can’t while pregnant.

Layla is still trying to learn who she is. There is a bit of “brain wash” to the Chosen, so she is just starting to explore who she can become.

Tohr and the Fade ceremony was required to help Wellsie and their son to go into the Fade. You don’t have to have an actual Fade ceremony for the person to go into the Fade. It was different with Wellsie and her son because Tohr was holding on to them and not allowing them to move on. Throe’s sister, who’s ashes Xcor had been keeping, could go into the Fade without the ceremony. The actual Fade ceremony is really for those left behind as a way to let go.

Will we see more of Marissa in the future? She will appear in Mary and Rhage’s novella. We all joked that Rhampage would be a great name for Mary & Rhage’s son, but she doesn’t know his name yet. (Wish I had remembered she told us they would have a daughter at an earlier signing)

Was asked if Payne could ever restore Wrath’s eyesight. Wrath will never get his eyesight back. In fact the first question he will have when his baby is born is about the eye color. Also, it takes a lot out of Payne to heal people, so she doesn’t do it all the time. Even when Wrath was seriously injured in Lover Reborn, Manny and Jane performed surgery on him rather than having Payne heal him. Also, WARDen glad Payne can keep George alive forever.

What is the name of Layla and Qhuinn’s baby? She doesn’t know the name yet.

Will Qhuinn have more visions? Yes

Will JM, Qhuinn, and Blay be inducted into the BDB together? Keep reading

Do all the vamps get their mate’s name carved in their back? Yes, just not seen. She said there is so much going on it is hard to fit it all into the books. One of the reasons she is enjoying writing the novellas. She likes revisiting the couples. FYI to all V fans. He and Jane have had their bonding ceremony and he does have her name on his back.

Did Tohr and No’One (Autumn) love each other before Wellsie? He cared for her and if she hadn’t killed herself, they might have ended up together.

Will Brothers be on the boards in the future? It takes time away from books, so unless really big news, no.

Will Qhuinn and Blay have a mating ceremony where they carve each other’s names onto their backs? You have to wait for the book to find out. Didn’t want to give everything away.

Score is still 2 to 1 in the Fallen Angel series.

Saxton is in love with Blay, but he will have to write the laws that will allow Qhuinn and Blay to not only be together, but be inducted into the BDB.

To my understanding, Layla is the only female to be pregnant at the end of LR. Mary getting pregnant will require the help of Payne and I'm not sure how soon Beth will get pregnant.

She will have 2 local book signings for both Rapture and Qhuay’s books. They should be on back to back weekends with more information closer to release dates for each book. This was the first signing of hers I’d been to where she didn’t get to finish signing books for everyone who came to the signing. Also couldn’t leave any signed stock behind as every JR Ward book was sold out by the end of the signing.

This covers everything I had in my notes. I didn't go back and check my twitter feed to see if I had missed anything. However, I used the #BDBTohr tag on twitter during the signing. If you are on twitter, you can search by that tag to see any other information I might have left out.

BTW, I thought I was a pretty hardcore BDB fan. However, there was a pregnant lady sitting next to me who was in labor during the signing. Seriously, she wins the award for biggest BDB fan ever!!!


KT Grant said...

Lots of sex in Qhuay's book? *snoopy dance*

Hm wonder if Layla and Xcor will get it on while she's pregnant? That's something not usually written. heh.

Also Tohr not having the bonding scene with No'One irks me. But then again I was disappointed in their relationship overall.

Sweet loving Qhuay!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Bells said...

Ahhhh I love you LL! Thank you so much for this! So much good info!

mslizalou said...

KB, I got the impression no bonded male would have the scent if they lost their first mate and found a new mate. Ward said bonding scent was reserved for first person the male bonded with...makes me wonder if Qhuinn and Blay will emit bonding scents on each other.

Dani said...

Thank you so much for all the awesome info! <3

A Buckeye Girl Reads said...

Awesome job!! I have no idea how you got everything. I had a hard time hearing from where I was.

Amy said...

Thank you so much for the notes!!!!!

Carla said...

Thanks for all this great info!!!!
Book Monster Reviews!!

Sharon Stogner said...

Quhinn has already released a bonding scent around Blay...can't remember which book...thanks for all the info!

Miss Vain's Paranormal Fantasy said...

Thank you for the info!! Qhuay for the win!:)

Also the bonding scent was a question of mine as well in regards tomTohr, thank you for clearing that up for me!

mslizalou said...

@Sharon Thanks for reminder about Q and the bonding scent. Thought I remembered something as I was typing, but didn't remember when.

One Rose's Opinion said...

Qhuinn's bonding scent made its appearance in _Lover Mine_, as Blay was getting dressed for his cigar bar date with Saxton.

Thanks for the information! The only thing that could keep me distracted while I wait is worrying about the fate of Eddie in _Rapture_!

Julie said...

Thank you SO much for this post! You did a fantastic job!!! I'm going to share my favorite parts with my readers tomorrow. :)

Jen Twimom said...

Awesome job! Thank you Liza!!

Anonymous said...

Hi Liza :)
Thanks for all the info. Very much appreciated.
I was wondering did The Warden say how Blay reacts to the news of Layla's pregnancy and how he feels about Qhuinn being so protective of Layla?
Thank you :)

mslizalou said...

Hope everyone shares this information with other BDB fans. I'm lucky enough to live close enough to drive in for the signings. I will say the VS is a great idea if you don't like crowds and want your book personalized.

Funny enough, no one asked how Blay would react to Layla being pregnant by Q. Since it really wasn't revealed in LR, I'm guessing it might be one of the things she mentioned that would be world changing at the start of Qhuay's book. Guessing he will react about the same way he did when he found out Q was helping Layla through her needing...not well.

Anonymous said...

Thank you for answering Lisa :)
Really appreciate all the hard work you did to write down what the Warden said.

Liz said...

Thanks for all the excellent info, I legit did a dance when I found out the next book was Qhuay!!! :)

Anonymous said...

son of a b, my comment didn't go thru! THANKS liza for the awesome recap, and the tweets to tide us over!!!!