Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Too Wild to Hold and Too Wicked To Keep

Too Wild To Hold and Too Wicked To Keep are the 2nd and 3rd books in Julie Leto’s fabulous Legendary Lovers series. From the back covers.~

Too Wild to Hold

Hot nights in The Big Easy…
In the sultry heat of New Orleans, as masked man stalks his next prey…private investigator Claire LeCuyer. In order to protect her, FBI agent Michael Murrieta-the descendant of a real masked legend-must go undercover at her hiding place…as sensual retreat, where decadence and sin beckon from every room.

Once immersed in this world of pleasure, Claire and Michael find themselves teased by the languidly sexual environment-and their blazing attraction to each other. But even as they “mask” their true identities, it’s too late. Now Claire and Michael are caught up in the danger…and their desire. And the longer they stay in the sensuous world, the more dangerous it is!

Too Wicked to Keep

Revenge is a dish best served hot…

Can a bad boy change for the better? Thief Danny Burnett wonders if the heirloom ring in his possession-once owned by a legendary masked bandit-is as powerful as his brothers say it is. But when heiress Abby Albertini steps back into his life after five long years, Danny knows he’s about to find out…

Abby needs Danny’s help to retrieve something he stole from her. Besides her heart. But Abby’s not the naive girl she once was. She has a few naughty tricks up her sleeve. She’ll get Danny’s help, and teach him a lesson about payback that he won’t soon forget-one hot, wicked night at a time.

I really enjoyed both Too Wild To Hold and Too Wicked to Keep, but have to say Too Wicked to Keep is my favorite of the two books, actually the favorite of the series. Of course, since I wanted Danny’s book since we met him, I figured Too Wicked To Keep would be my favorite in the series.

Too Wild To Hold is Michael and Claire’s story. Michael was the toughest of the 3 brothers for me to connect with. I liked him, but he was more reserved than his brothers. Helps him to be an awesome FBI agent, but took a bit for me to connect with his character. I loved Claire from the moment she appeared on the page. She is a strong woman who is willing to do whatever it takes for her clients, even if that means signing on for a sensual weekend where she meets Michael. Michael shows up to keep Claire out of danger. Claire and Michael are attracted to one another from the moment they meet. They fight their attraction for a while, and when they finally do give into their passion, it is explosive. Of course, Claire is still in danger, and Michael will do anything to help keep her safe, even accept help from his brother, Danny.  Michael and Claire are good together both as a couple and as investigators.

Too Wicked To Keep is Danny and Abby’s story. I fell for Danny from the first time he appeared in Too Hot To Touch. Danny is such a scoundrel and yet there is something about him that just makes you want to give him a hug. Abby shows up in New Orleans to get Danny’s help in stealing back the painting he stole from her 5 years ago. Danny never really got over what he did to Abby 5 years ago. In fact, he has avoided all jobs in the Chicago area to insure he not see Abby again. However, Abby won’t take no for an answer this time. She knows Danny is the only man for this particular job. He knows the history of the painting, which would reflect negatively on her family if it is ever shown in public. Danny takes the job to help Abby out partially due to guilt, but mostly due to the fact he still has feelings for her.

Abby thought any attraction she had for Danny died 5 years ago when he used her to steal her painting. However, as she spends more time with Danny, Abby soon realizes she has never completely gotten past her attraction for him. Danny has never gotten over Abby in all the years they’ve been apart.  This time he is ready to keep his word, partially to show Abby he has changed, but mostly because he still loves her. Danny and Abby still have the same chemistry they had 5 years ago, only now there are no lies between them.
In the end, it turns out Danny can’t help Abby out without some outside help. For the first time in the series, we get to see Danny, Alex, and Michael all work together to fix the situation. One Murrieta man is good, so 3 are even better. I enjoyed watching Danny and his brothers. For 3 men who only met months ago, they really did act like they had been brothers for years. I loved the chemistry between the brothers every bit as much as I loved the chemistry between Danny and Abby.

I’m a huge fan of Julie Leto and have to say she gives her readers winners with her Legendary Lovers’ series. As all three books are from the Blaze line, at this point you will have to buy online to find this series in either print or digital. I know www.harlequin.com , www.amazon.com , and www.bn.com each should have copies still available.  I actually won the series from Julie on an auction from earlier this year. However, it didn’t keep me from ordering the books from www.amazon.com for my kindle.

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