Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Too Hot To Touch

Too Hot To Touch is the first book in the Legendary Lovers trilogy by Julie Leto. From the back cover.~

The spirit of a masked legend lives on…

Art expert Alex Aguilar is an honest man. When he inherits an auction house dealing in shady merchandise, he's desperate to catalog everything before the goods tarnish his sterling reputation. But even if the merchandise isn't exactly hot, his scorching new assistant, Lucienne Bonet, definitely is. Too bad his pesky moral code means he has to keep his hands off…or does he?

Lucienne isn't quite what she seems. She's a thief and she's after a very valuable ring that once belonged to a legendary masked hero…Alex's ancestor. But as Alex deliciously undoes her plans— and her clothes—Lucienne realizes that eventually, her mask will have to come off, too!

I actually won this trilogy from Julie on an auction earlier this year. I’ve been waiting for what seems like months to read this series and was so excited when I received Too Hot To Touch in the mail.

I loved Too Hot To Touch so much! Alex is the first born son to Ramon Murrieta and half brother to Ramon’s son Michael. Alex is also related to a legendary masked hero through his father. Lucienne Bonet, whose real name is Lucy Burnett, has taken a job at El Dorado Auction House to help out her foster brother Danny, who also happens to be half brother to Alex and Michael. Alex and Lucienne are attracted to one another from the first time the meet. However, Alex doesn’t believe in mixing business with pleasure, so he fires Lucienne before they take their relationship to a more personal level.

I love both Alex and Lucy (I see her as a Lucy more than a Lucienne). Both put family first. Lucy with Danny and Alex with Michael and his mother. However, neither can seem to keep their hands off the other once they share their first explosive kiss. In fact, Lucy and Alex have one of the sexiest shower scenes I’ve ever read. As Lucy’s past comes to light, Alex must decide if he can accept her for who she is.

Too Hot To Touch is a super sexy Blaze release and July 19, 2011 is the release date. Can be ordered from your favorite online retailer, your local bookstore, and even Wal-Mart and Target. Since this is the 10 year anniversary of Harlequin Blaze, Julie’s first Blaze book Exposed is included in the 10th anniversary edition.

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Paula R said...

Nice write up of the book, Liza!!! I can't wait to read it, and the others in the series.

Peace and love,
Paula R.