Thursday, March 25, 2010

Doctor's Appointment & Reading Update

I went to see the medical oncologist yesterday and due to my history of ovarian cyst, she wants to get with my OB/GYN before we pick a course of action. The medicine she wants to put me on would basically be an estrogen blocker, but since I have to stay on the pill, not sure it would really work right. So for now, she is going to do a bit more research and talk with all my doctors to see if we will just do multiple mammograms a year or treat with meds as well. I go back in 6 weeks, unless she calls first with a course of treatment. I'll update more once I talk to my doctor. I really liked that she wanted to look into it more before just putting me on another medication.

As for reading, I've been doing lots of reading lately. I have finished reading Something About You by Julie James(LOVE IT), Giving Up the "V" by Serena Robar(fun YA book), and Instant Attraction by Jill Shalvis(RITA nominated book that I LOVE). Since I'm recovering from a huge sinus infection right now, I'm behind on posting about all the books I've read, but hope to post a bit this weekend.

Thanks to Janelle Denison over at the plotmonkeys blog, I pulled Larissa Ione's Pleasure Unbound out of my TBR pile and can only say I'm currently devouring it. I love this series so much, I bought the next 3 in the series tonight when I ran by B&N to pick up Mind Games by Carolyn Crane(Woohoo CJ!!!).

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