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Haunted by a kiss.

With his destructive marriage behind him, Ryan Bennett can no longer deny his insatiable attraction to the one woman in control of his future. He needs her. Craves her. She’s the only glimpse of happiness through the building drama in his life and yet one drunken kiss has pushed her further away.

Tormented by what’s at stake.

Leah Gorman’s management contract states she can never act on her feelings for any members of the Reckless Beat band but Ryan has always owned her heart. No matter how long he’s held her captive with his deep soul and easy friendship, he’s off limits. End of story. If only her heart would get the memo. She can’t resist him. Even when their attraction gets in the way of her job.

The price of love is high. Is it worth the cost?

With Leah’s career on the line and Ryan’s reputation in tatters, ignoring their attraction may prove safer than risking everything they hold dear. They have to decide what matters most—their years of friendship, or a chance at love that will destroy them both if they can’t make it work.

Release Date: January 16, 2017
Reckless Beat series book #5
Contemporary Romance
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Nikki’s Review:

Usually, when an Eden Summers ARC hits my email I'm all up it's business within moments of hitting the download button. I downloaded it right away to my kindle but I didn't actually open the book for a few days after. This is the last book in a series that I adore. Actually, adore is too simple a word to use but since I'm struggling with finding something better, that's what I'll use. I knew if I gobbled up this book, like I do all her others, then that would be it. There wouldn't be anymore shenanigans with my boys from Reckless Beat. Sure, I could revisit them in their books, but the series would be complete and that made me a wee bit sad. Some might think it's silly to fall so hard for fictional characters, but Eden's storytelling made them so vibrant and alive. After much pondering I opened the book...and savoured every word.

I have been desperately waiting for Ryan and Leah's story. You get little tidbits throughout the series. Each book would show you a little more; you'd get just a taste and that's it. And like any fabulous author, Eden Summers was able to make me insatiable for them. Of course, she saved this book for last. I know it needed to happen that way, but I secretly think she enjoyed teasing and watching her fans beg for more! The wait was well worth it.

Now that Ryan is well on his way to being divorced from his snake of a wife, the door is open to the possibility of more than friendship between Him and Leah. Neither have ever crossed any sacred boundaries. They've always been friends and nothing more. But deep in their hearts there has always been longing. 

This was a real journey. A process that took time and extreme care. Leah doesn't want to compromise her job as band manager and Ryan isn't making the temptation easier to resist. When these two finally get their priorities aligned I was over the moon with giddiness! Seriously, I squealed like kid! 

Through all the sneaking around their love grows, and holy hell, the lust becomes combustible! Ryan, who I always thought was the gentleman of the band, is a filthy filthy man. And I loved it! I loved that he could be his true self behind closed doors with his best friend and the woman he loves.

The road isn't easy. Leah and Ryan are tested time and's where the snake of a soon to be ex wife strikes again. But through it all, you can feel the bond of friendship. Not just between Leah and Ryan, but the band as well. One of the things that I love most about this series is the comradery between the guys of Reckless Beat. No one writes witty banter quite like, Eden Summers. And I seriously giggle...and maybe snort, when all the guys are on the page and yanking each other's chain!

I could go on and on about this book, and the series. It really has wrapped itself around my heart. With Leah and Ryan's story I feel like everything was tied up nicely. That doesn't mean that I don't want more...I'll always want more of my Reckless boys! But I feel like all the band members were exactly where they needed to be. And they got there in a way that was unique to each of them.

I was sad when this book ended. I felt like I was mourning something important to me. And doesn't that say something about Eden's talent? She's so good that I didn't want to let go. After the sadness faded, I was left with a smile because everything was as it should be. 

Rating: 5 Stars (A+)

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