Wednesday, November 23, 2016


Think you know fairy tales? Guess again.

It’s been hundreds of years since Greta’s so-called story came to an end and it didn’t end with a happily ever after then. Why should she expect it to be any different now?

She’s a Grimm—a special kind of guardian angel and official ass-kicker in the paranormal world. Between trying to stay alive, training new Grimm and dealing with demons, romance is hard to come by. Then there’s the fact that there’s only been one man ever who really made her heart race.

And he’s been out of her life for a long, long time…

But now he’s back and just in time.

Greta needs Rip’s help.

There’s an unexpected threat to their world, a betrayal none of them saw coming.

Working together is the last thing they want, but it just might be their only chance.

A fairy tale best suited for grown-ups…don’t say you weren’t warned.

Re-release Date: October 31, 2016
Shiloh Walker, Inc
Paranormal Romance
Grimm's Circle #1
Review copy provided by publisher

Liza's Review:

I somehow missed many of the Grimm's Circle books when they were originally published, but I plan to read them all now that J.C. Daniels/Shiloh Walker is re-releasing the books. I've always loved Ms. Walker's romantic suspense books, and am now a fan of her paranormal romances with her take on the Grimm world.

Greta is best known in the Grimm World as Gretel, and Rip is best known as Rip Van Winkle. The history of both characters that is common knowledge to anyone who has read their stories differs a great deal in Ms. Walker's world. Greta and Rip have both moved on and are now each Grimms who protect our world from various demons. 

I loved the chemistry between Greta and Rip. While we are told they had been lovers long ago, they still had a pretty amazing connection when they first see each other again. They absolutely fought together like they had always been together and when they make love; it was super hot and steamy. 

I enjoyed how Ms. Walker set her Grimm world up in Candy Houses for future books. Again, while I missed most of the Grimm Circle book when they were originally released, I'm excited to get a chance to read each book as they are re-released by Ms. Walker

Rating: 4 Stars (B)

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