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Paige Moore has a fulfilling business designing couture corsets for her high profile clientele, but her love life is sorely lacking. Being burned in the worst way possible by Sawyer Burrows has left her guarded and wary when it comes to men and their motives. When her best friend presents her with an invitation to The Players Club, she embraces the chance to enjoy a hot night with a stranger, and finally put her past heartbreak, and Sawyer, behind her. 

Sawyer knows he devastated Paige with his careless actions a year and a half ago, and he's lived every day since with those regrets. Now, seeing Paige at The Players Club, he knows this is his chance to make amends and prove that there is still something between them worth pursuing. If sensual pleasure is what Paige is looking for, then he intends to be the man to spend the night seducing every part of her. 

Paige's surrender is Sawyer's ultimate goal, but once her desires are sated, will she give them the second chance they deserve? 

Release Date: July 13, 2015
The Players Club #2
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Liza’s review:

I'm a huge fan of Erika Wilde and I anxiously await each new book. I love her new Players Club series and was so excited I had a chance to read Paige and Sawyer's book early.

I loved Playing with Pleasure so much. I've wanted to know more about Paige since we first met her in The Marriage Diaries books. I've always seen her as such a strong businesswoman and fierce friend, but wanted her to find love after her ex broke her heart. I really wanted to hate Sawyer for hurting Paige, but felt deep down there was way more to the story than Paige knew. I love that while Paige goes to The Players Club for a hot night with a stranger, Paige and Sawyer can't stay away from one another. While Paige and Sawyer can't keep their hands off one another, I did like that Paige set some limits in the beginning. I understood her need to protect herself initially and it totally fit with her character. 

I loved how hard Sawyer worked to prove to Paige he was sorry for their past and would be willing to work for them to have a future. I honestly found it hard to believe he would ever have anything to do with Paige's stepsister Ashley and after actually seeing Ashley in action; I hated her more than ever before. The only way I can describe Ashley is a selfish vindictive bitch. I loved that Sawyer and Paige actually talked through their issues from the past to they could actually have a chance at a future, including the Ashley issues.

Paige became more confident in her looks the more time she spent with Sawyer. I think the fact that he absolutely worshiped her body every single time they were together had just a little bit to do with it. My kindle screen pretty much steamed up every single time Paige and Sawyer were alone together. I loved that both Paige and Sawyer were willing to test their limits together in and out of the bedroom. I really loved watching Paige and Sawyer reestablish trust the more time they spent together. With Sawyer's dominance tendencies in the bedroom trust was a must for their relationship to grow. Sawyer also had major protective instincts when it comes to Paige, and I loved that there were moments of sweetness to go along with the steamy love scenes.

I absolutely loved everything about Paige and Sawyer's romance. I really think their strength as a couple came partly because of their time apart due to Ashley. While I would love to have seen someone drop a piano on Ashley to get her out of the way, I really loved how Paige, Sawyer and even Ashley's mom handled the situation in the end.

I've loved all of the Marriage Diaries books and The Players Club books so far. I have to say that Paige and Sawyer are currently my favorite couple from the series. I joked on Facebook that I really wanted to just say buy this book for my review since I loved it so much. Playing with Pleasure is another winner from Erika Wilde and a winner for romance readers who enjoy both scorching hot love scenes and sweetness in their romances.

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